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The local organizing committee for the final of the football competition of His Highness the Emir Al Moufdi Cup confirmed the full readiness to hold the final match between Al Sadd and Al Arabi on Friday evening, in the presence of fans, at the opening of Al Rayyan Stadium, the fourth stadium of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Khaled Al-Kuwari, Director of Marketing Department at the Local Organizing Committee for the Emir Cup, said during a press conference held by the Committee today, that the percentage of match ticket sales has reached 95% so far, indicating that ticket sales have given Al Sadd and Al Arabi fans priority, by making pre-reservations for the fans of the two clubs And then he opened the door for all fans and football fans in the State of Qatar to watch the game dear to everyone’s hearts.

Al-Kuwari said that all matters related to booking and receiving tickets after conducting the Corona Covid-19 examination are running in a distinctive way and there are no problems, praising the role of Al-Arabi and Al-Sadd clubs, who have made great efforts in the process of marketing tickets for the final match, which will also witness the opening of Al Rayyan Stadium.

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He added, that requiring the fans to conduct a corona examination in order to be able to attend the match did not affect in any way the process of selling tickets, pointing out that the percentage of sales is constantly increasing, which confirms the awareness of the fans, especially as this procedure aims to preserve the safety of everyone. .

In turn, Mr. Hassan Al-Kuwari, director of the facility in the organizing committee of the Emir’s Cup, considered that holding the final match of the Emir Cup competition at the inauguration of Al-Rayyan Stadium, the fourth Qatar World Cup stadium, is a new message to the world about the readiness of the State of Qatar to host the largest international football event after about two years from now on.

Al-Kuwari said in his speech at the conference, that all preparations are continuing in full swing for the success of the Emir Cup final, which is held in conjunction with the country’s National Day celebrations, explaining that Al Rayyan Stadium has been fully equipped to receive the match, whether in terms of facilities or accompanying events, whether inside or outside the stadium. .

He added that holding the match at the opening of Al Rayyan Stadium is a distinct opportunity to fully test the stadium from the operational side, as well as the experience of receiving the fans and participating teams, as well as the stadium facilities and also providing complementary services.

He called on the fans to come early to the stadium, as the gates would be opened three hours before the match, and he also urged them to adhere to all health measures and measures for the safety of everyone, noting that all drinks and food would be prohibited from entering the stadium.

For his part, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Mawlawi, Director of Transport Operations Department for Host Countries, reviewed the transportation plans for the Emir Cup Final, and the various means of transportation to reach Al Rayyan Stadium from private cars, the Doha Metro, reciprocating buses, and parking spaces.

Al-Mawlawi said during the conference, that the services of the host country are one of the tasks required of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) in hosting any sporting event, indicating that these tasks concern everything outside the security fence of the stadium, especially with regard to coordination with government or private agencies. Or the various services, whether related to transportation, security or infrastructure, as well as the readiness of the facilities around the stadium and the readiness to receive the fans.

Al-Mawlawi revealed that more than 7 thousand parking spaces have been provided for the masses at Al-Rayyan Stadium, as well as the provision of parking spaces in the Education City, and the transfer of the masses from there by reluctant buses to the match stadium, amid measures and precautionary measures.
For his part, Major Abdullah Al-Ghanim, leader of the facility in the organizing committee of the Emir Cup, touched on the security preparations for the final match with an emphasis on the existence of contingency plans, pointing to the presence of eight tents for security checks, 5 of which will be allocated to the masses.

Al-Ghanem said that the security plan was developed in a way that preserves the security and safety of everyone, whether when entering or leaving the stadium, ruling out that the security measures would be a reason for the lack of traffic in the surrounding area in the stadium.

He added that the committee is fully prepared to receive the fans and secure the match in all aspects, indicating that the inspection procedures will be quick, and during which it will emphasize the necessity of wearing masks, as well as adhering to the instructions issued by the competent authorities inside and outside the stadium and its surroundings regarding health procedures.

In turn, Dr. Abdel Wahab Al-Musleh, Advisor to the Minister of Health for Sports Affairs, explained that the Emir Cup final match at the opening of Al-Rayyan Stadium will witness a special medical protocol that has not been applied in any sporting event that took place during the Covid-19 pandemic so far, indicating that Qatar will be the first country in The world that enters so many fans in a football match under these circumstances.

Al-Musleh said that the experience of implementing this protocol will have great repercussions all over the world, and it will push many countries to apply it in the future in light of the Corona crisis, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic may continue until the middle of late next year 2021, and that life should not be To stop, and that this pandemic must be coexisted in all ways.

He added, “All those who will attend the final match will undergo a corona examination, and the examination has already started today for the masses in three locations, which are Al Sadd Club, Al Arabi Club, and the National Convention Center, as well as conducting tests for those who have contracted the disease before, and who will prove negative for his sample.” They will attend the match in places designated for them.

Al-Musleh called on the fans to adhere to all health measures and procedures applied during the match, especially with regard to social distancing, wearing masks, and adhering to the seats allocated to each fan, in order to preserve the safety of everyone in particular and society in general.