The Emir of Kuwait accepts the government’s resignation and assigns it to conduct business

Kuwait – Qena:

The results of the electoral process showed that the highest percentage of change was in the first and third constituencies, at a rate of 70 percent each, while the fourth and fifth constituencies were equal, with a change of 60 percent, while the second constituency was the least changed by 50 percent. The voting process began at 8 am on Saturday morning in the five constituencies in all governorates, as 326 candidates competed for seats in parliament, while 567,694 voters were entitled to vote in elections to choose 50 members to represent them in Parliament according to the one-vote system..

These elections differ from previous years in light of the health precautions to confront the new Corona pandemic (Covid-19), the most important of which are social distancing, wearing masks, sterilizing hands and wearing gloves before entering the polling station while adhering to the path specified for the voters .

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