Doha – East

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This comes after the customs inspectors of Ruwais Port at the Maritime Customs Administration seized approximately 151 kilograms of narcotic hashish through a number of seizures in the past period. Among the most prominent seizures for which the inspectors were honored came the attempt to smuggle the narcotic substance of hashish, which weighed about 53.5 kilograms, which was hidden in 100 boxes containing spare parts for cars that were seized through the suspicion of the customs officer in this shipment, and displayed on the X-ray machine, The antiquity wing was also used to confirm the presence of prohibited materials, and accordingly the boxes were broken and the presence of hashish was found secretly hidden inside recesses in the aforementioned boxes, and about 45 were seized.
In the same way, two attempts to smuggle hashish were seized, one of them was seized at the bottom of a refrigerated container and hidden in a secret way inside two boxes next to the rear wheels, and by examining it it was found that it contained 26.10 kilograms of hashish, and the second attempt was seized inside two iron boxes hidden at the bottom of another refrigerator. The weight of their contents reached 26.15 kilograms of narcotic hashish, in addition to the above, the maritime customs have seized many of the violations that are usually and repeatedly done at seaports for several prohibited substances, and some commercial violations such as evading customs duties or other legal violations.