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 Russell FTSE announced the results of the semi-annual review of emerging market indices, which included the inclusion of four new Qatari companies listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange in these indices.

According to a statement received on the official website of the Qatar Stock Exchange, the semi-annual review witnessed the upgrade of Ezdan Holding Company’s shares from “medium capital” to “large capital” companies, and the introduction of three new companies into the index of small capital companies, namely Qatar Cement (QNCD), Inmaa (IHGS) / formerly Islamic Holding Group /, and Mannai Group of Companies (MCCS).

According to the semi-annual review, Qatar Islamic Insurance Company came out of the indicators.

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The results of the review will take effect after the close of the session on Tuesday, corresponding to 17 September.

It is noteworthy that the “FTSE” emerging markets index is one of the indexes of the global “FTSE” indexes and funds that mainly target most emerging market exchanges. This index is of importance by global funds and portfolios due to the major investments it holds for the largest international banks and companies. The index has many European, British and international funds and portfolios.