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Within the framework of the gradual lifting of the restrictions imposed on the movement of maritime media as a result of the precautionary measures for combating Corona in the fourth stage, the Ministry of Interior announced that the carrying capacity of the various marine media, including the crew, will be 50% and not exceeding 30 people.

 The ministry also clarified – on its official account on Twitter – that the capacity of the tourist snake, including the crew, is 30% and does not exceed 30 people.
The Ministry affirmed that adherence to the precautionary measures achieves safety and security.

Last September, the ministry clarified that the vehicles allowed to sail are personal boats, rental boats, yachts, day trip boats, jetboats and private snaps, with a capacity of 30% inclusive of the crew, and jet skis with one user only.

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Coastal and security personnel ensure that the precautionary measures are implemented, that a precaution is applied, and that all marine media users adhere to the procedures.