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The Qatari Al-Qannas Association announced today the launch of the 2020 National Falconry Day championship, the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, in the Aba Al-Qararis area in Al-Khor, and will continue until the 16th of this December, with the support of the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations 2020 and under the supervision of the Qatar Center for Cultural Events And heritage.

The vision of the National Day is based on strengthening loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in the Qatari national identity, and that the spoken slogan for this year’s National Day is: “We thank you, O Throne”: The verse from which the slogan is borrowed is “We thank you, O Throne, King, and Attendance … All the Actions, “which is one of the poems of the founder, Sheikh Jassim Bin Muhammad Bin Thani.

Ali bin Khatem Al Mehshadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Qatari Al Gannas Association, explained that the National Falconry Day Championship competitions consist of the Falconer competition in its two categories (promising and young) and the pollen competition. In addition to the calling competitions in the categories: Free Chick, Free Qarnas, Qarnas Shaheen, Free Gir Chick, Qarnas Gir Free, Gir Shaheen Fickle, Qarnas Gir Shaheen, in addition to the Elite League, which qualifies for the first five winners in the Falcon (The Beast) category.

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Al-Mehshadi added: “We are proud to organize this exceptional championship to participate in the joys and celebrations of the National Day of the State, as these days remind us of what the grandparents did for this country, and Qataris gathered under the banner of the homeland in order to protect its menstruation and not to compromise its sovereignty, in addition to the legacy of falconry. Which we are proud of, as it has become a global human heritage by registering it on the list of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization / UNESCO /.

He pointed out that registration in the tournament witnessed a large turnout, whether through the association’s website, or direct attendance to inspect the falcons, pointing out that registration in the pollen competition had witnessed a large increase in the number of participants in the Al-Gannas Association championship that concluded yesterday evening.

The Qatari Al-Gannas Association opened the electronic registration for this championship since December 3 and lasted for three days. Falcons were inspected today at the association’s headquarters.

On the occasion, the President of Al-Qannas Association thanked the General Organization for the Cultural Village (Katara) and the supporting and cooperating bodies, including the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations of the State and the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events.

For his part, Mr. Mohammed bin Abdul Latif Al-Misnad, Vice President of the Qatari Al-Qannas Association, affirmed the association’s keenness to preserve heritage, noting that the celebrations of the National Day of the State are glorious days and a source of glory and pride for everyone on the land of this beloved and good land.

He pointed out that the National Day championship is an occasion to celebrate falconers in Qatar in their own way, as the Qatari Al-Qannas Association is striving to consolidate this authentic and ancient legacy in the hearts of young people and fill their free time with what is beneficial. Brief and they became professionals.

For its part, the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations stated that the goal of this championship, organized by the Al-Qannas Association, is to enhance the value of participating in heritage activities that serve the national identity, as the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events has a partnership with the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations, as it supervises And it supports such events that enhance the national identity and preserve our authentic heritage.

It is noteworthy that the Al-Gannas Association has allocated a number of prizes to the winners of the National Falconry Day championship in all competitions from first to fifth.