Muhammad Al-Aqidi

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Yesterday, Friday evening, the watering activities for the current season 2020-2021 were launched on the signatures in the Sealine area, with the participation of a number of amateurs and contestants who were keen to participate with the start of the season, as the number of participants in the trial day reached nearly 20 contestants who equipped their cars with tubes and custom safety belts. For carelessness cars.
A number of amateurs and participants whom Al-Sharq met expressed their satisfaction with all that the Mawater Center offers in cooperation with the Traffic Department, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and other participating bodies of activities that serve them and contributed to reducing the incidence of serious accidents that occurred to young people during the past years due to the absence of organization and entry to Thrills from separate locations lead to cars colliding with one another.


# Nasser Al-Kuwari: Holding the upcoming events on the lives of many people

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, Nasser Saadoun Al-Kuwari, Secretary General of the Mawater Center, stressed that the center spares no effort in supporting youth, food and car enthusiasts in the country, as it is keen to establish activities that serve amateurs and fans of this sport that has its audience In the country, pointing out that they at the center have worked hard for several months, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and the rest of the state, to put in place appropriate plans for this year’s pollination season, which began on Friday on the sign in the Sealine region.
Al-Kuwari added, “We will go in the coming weeks to hold food vaccination activities in Al Udeid area, after the Mawater Center meeting with the Traffic Department and laying down plans for the transportation process,” he said, thanking all the parties involved in holding food vaccination activities.
He explained that young people and amateurs practice the hobby of sneezing in an organized manner, as a starting point and riding the signature snare has been determined, and a point to descend and return again to the starting point, with the aim of ensuring safety for everyone and organizing the process of baiting, which will also be applied to other rites in the Al Udeid area.
Al-Kuwari pointed out that since the launch of the activities of the Mawater Center on the sign and the snows of many last year, it has been noticed that the rate of accidents occurring on young people has decreased due to the chaotic process of contamination that some young people were carrying out, as the center and the General Traffic Department have worked hard to organize the hobby and give each participant his time in In addition to regulating the mechanism of entry and exit to the dives.

# Fahd Al-Dossary: ​​We practice our hobby in the midst of an organization of traffic and traffic
. Fahd Al-Dossary said: We thank the Mawater Center and the other parties participating in organizing this year’s food season for all the efforts they provide in the service of amateurs and contestants, in terms of organizing the process of riding the rides, and obliging everyone to provide all requirements Safety and security in their cars from installing safety tubes and seat belts for such hobbies, and any participant who is not bound by those requirements set by the Mawater Center and Traffic Department is excluded to maintain the safety of the participants.
Al-Dossary added, “We hope from the Mawater Center and Traffic Department to transfer the activities to many dives, as they are larger in size and higher than the sniffles of the signature, which is what we are looking for, as the higher and wider its area, the more enthusiasm and pleasure in practicing the hobby of snacking will be.”
He pointed out that the establishment of such events amid the organization and supervision of the Mawater Center and Traffic Department makes it safer, and they are not afraid of accidents occurring on them or being pursued by the concerned authorities because of the violations they commit, as they practice their favorite hobbies in a suitable atmosphere and a place where all the requirements that the amateurs need are met. Such as organizing to enter the patrols, and the presence of ambulances, traffic and patrols, as well as firefighters to intervene in the event of any accidents on amateurs.

# Khaled Al-Maliki: A remarkable development this year
Khaled Abdullah Al-Maliki said: This year’s Al-Taas season is better than last year in which the Al-Taas season was held for the first time, and there are differences this year from last year in terms of organizing and adding many ideas that led to the organization of the event More, as the authorities responsible for these events took care not to allow the public to enter the Taaas site and be satisfied with following up behind the grille, with the aim of organizing and not creating congestion at the site, as happened last season, where the presence of the masses inside the site resulted in congestion and difficulty in the movement of cars during The entry and exit process, as well as the difficulty in directing the participants in the season to the starting point and vice versa.
Al-Maliki praised the camping season events this year, wishing everyone to adhere to the security and safety requirements according to which the amateur is allowed to participate or excluded from participating, especially since there is an emphasis this year on applying safety requirements in cars for the benefit of everyone.

# Jaber Al-Jaber: The Mawater Center is the link between amateurs and the concerned authorities.
Jaber Al-Jaber called for the establishment of upcoming snacking events at home on many dives that are considered better than the sign in terms of sand and space as well, hoping that Mawater Center will respond to his demands in the coming weeks, pointing out that the center Mawater is not limited to amateurs and is considered a link between amateurs and other state destinations, as those in charge of the Mawater Center take the youth’s suggestions and opinions into consideration and present them to the concerned authorities such as the Traffic Department and others to work with and meet them.
He added that the best thing about the vaccination season, which was held for the first time last year and started yesterday, Friday, as the beginning of the current season, is that amateurs can participate in cars supplied in food vaccination events, which is what amateurs who have paid large sums to equip their cars and supply them to participate in such events that have their audience And her fans at the state level.

# Khalifa Al-Shayeb: An organization that meets the ambition of amateurs
. Khalifa Al-Shayeb said: Organizing vaccination events meets the aspirations of amateurs who need to establish and organize events constantly, and they need to add more ideas that amateurs need to be present in the coming seasons of vaccination, pointing out that each event has its fun and some participants They like all the activities, whether it is “belly hitting” or “side hitting” or races and others.
Al-Shaib praised the role of the organizers at the Mawater Center and the supervisors in organizing the event, by organizing the entry and exit of cars, in addition to facilitating the movement of cars supplied at the site of the event, as well as suspending and introducing each amateur and type of his car so that the public behind the windows surrounding the sign can know him.
He explained that he would participate in his car equipped with a “camber” so that he could ride the snorkeling and impress the crowd who stand hundreds behind the signature window, to watch the amateur shows and what the contestants offer as the activities of the food season begin.

# Captain Abdul Wahid Al-Enezi: Our goal is to deliver awareness messages to young people
. Captain Abdul Wahid Gharib Al-Anzi, the Traffic Awareness and Culture Officer at the Traffic Awareness Department at the General Traffic Department, said: The presence of the General Traffic Department is of great importance in overseeing the organization of such public events that have their fans in the country, pointing out That the Traffic Awareness Department at the General Traffic Department is present at such events, and is very happy with what the Mawater Center offers for amateurs in the midst of a wonderful organization by all the parties participating in the Al-Taas season, which began last Friday.
Today, we are with the ambulance, firefighters, fear men and the rest of the other authorities, we all complement each other in order to succeed in this event, which is considered one of the activities that are popular with young people and has its audience, and we in the Traffic Awareness Department took advantage of the presence of the large masses to spread traffic culture among the young people present and provide advice to them.
He pointed out that the commitment of young people participating in the events of Al-Ta`as to wear seat belts indicates the traffic awareness they have acquired, as we are doing our part to the fullest through the car dedicated to traffic awareness, which is displayed on its screens equipped with traffic regulations and laws, in addition to inviting camp owners and those in Celine The need to adhere to the precautionary measures put in place by the state to limit the spread of the Corona virus among members of society.