A message of confirmation of the government’s continued support to the private sector

 Strengthening procedures and motivating investors and accuracy in selecting projects

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The State of Qatar is keen to encourage the private sector and create opportunities for it as a basic partner in sustainable development. For its part, the Qatari private sector proves that it is responsible, investing the economic progress that the country is going through to achieve more growth and to be a true supporter in the implementation of major projects and the promotion of basic services that provide prosperity to citizens and enhance the position of the State of Qatar economic. From this standpoint, the law regulating the partnership between the government and private sectors came within the measures and decisions taken by the government to strengthen and stimulate the private sector and support its role in the comprehensive development witnessed in the country.
The law carries a message of confirmation from the government on its continuous support to the private sector and its distinctive development, especially with regard to encouraging it to enter important projects in the state, which develops its capabilities and helps it to form broad experiences that help it in the projects it provides to implement during the coming period. The law is a continuation of the efforts of the State of Qatar to consolidate the partnership between the two sectors, and supports the future direction to establish Qatar as an ideal destination for investment, and contributes to developing a dynamic business environment that enhances the performance of the government sector.
A partnership between the public and private sectors has become a national need and an urgent necessity, especially as it includes a number of goals that enhance the strength and durability of the national economy, as it contributes to encouraging the private sector to participate in projects and increase investment, and enhance the ability to obtain financing, governance, and rationalization of expenditures Directed to the state budget and create added value, it also enables the government to implement and manage its strategic projects efficiently and effectively, strengthening its infrastructure, rehabilitating it, and enhancing its sustainability. Thus increasing economic and social development.
The partnership brings the government benefits from the expertise and technical and technical knowledge in the projects owned by the private sector, and the transfer of those experiences and knowledge to government projects, and the partnership also promotes the principle of competition in the market and the prevention of monopoly, increase productivity and improve the quality of services provided by the state, and achieve the development of international trade transactions For the local economy, the state has improved in international economic indicators, the most important of which is the report on the ease of doing business, which works to increase the attraction of foreign investments and also diversify strategic options.
In order for this partnership to bear fruit, there are many aspects that must be emphasized, including the necessary procedures and principles, motivating investors, accuracy in selecting projects and taking into account factors related to the technical and economic feasibility of them, and the conclusion of contracts characterized by competition and transparency in all its stages, and activating control and risk analysis, because projects Partnership is not only limited to legislation and regulations, it is also imperative to strengthen governance, transparency, disclosure, accountability, and responsibilities to ensure increased efficiency and enhance competitiveness.
And finally: I see that today we have an opportunity that we should make every effort to invest in order to revive our economy by stimulating investment in partnership projects, and this requires an effort to activate legislation, strengthen the executive agencies, and complete the subsequent steps to keep pace with the aspirations of our wise leadership and what it aspires to accelerate the pace of growth Upgrading the services provided to citizens and improving their lives.

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