The Presidential Council of the Libyan Government of National Accord appreciated the role of the State of Qatar and Turkey in supporting the legitimate government and the Libyan people during the current crisis.
This came in a statement issued by the Presidency Council of the National Accord Government following a meeting headed by Mr. Faiz Al-Sarraj, Chairman of the Council, and in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Maitiq, Vice President, and members of the Council Mr. Mohamed Ammari Zayed and Mr. Ahmed Hamzah. The Accord Government, the Tobruk Parliament, and an immediate ceasefire in the country.
“The council thanked the Republic of Turkey, the State of Qatar, and the brotherly and friendly countries that supported the position of the Government of National Accord and supported the Libyan people during the current crisis,” the statement said.
In its statement, the Council affirmed that the modern civil state is an irreversible option, stressing its steadfast position rejecting the militarization of the state, “in fulfillment of the blood of the martyrs and in response to the demand of the Libyans, and in order to preserve the security, unity and sovereignty of Libya.”
The Libyan Presidential Council stressed “the importance of resuming the political process on clear foundations in which there is no place for those whose hands have been polluted with the blood of Libyans, and whoever has committed violations that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, and does not waive the application of justice against them.”
The statement stressed the need to resume production and exports in the oil fields and ports to support the Libyan economy, meet the needs of the Libyans and alleviate their suffering.
He stressed that the parliamentary and presidential elections in the country are the goal of the Presidential Council to reach a stable, permanent political stage, provided that they are conducted according to a sound constitutional rule agreed upon by the Libyans.