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His Excellency Dr. Hanan Mohammed Al-Kuwari, Minister of Public Health, stressed the important role that the survey centers of vehicles play in detecting Corona virus (Covid-19) in dealing with the spread of the epidemic.

This came during a visit by His Excellency the Minister of Public Health to the Al-Waab Health Center, where she listened to a summary from Dr. Maryam Ali Abdulmalik, Director General of the Primary Health Care Foundation, on the role of the survey centers of the vehicles and the achievements they achieved.

In this context, Her Excellency praised the active role of the Primary Health Care Corporation in reducing the spread of the Corona (Covid-19) epidemic in the State of Qatar.

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On May 31, the Primary Care Institution launched specialized vehicle survey centers to check for the (Covid-19) virus in Al-Waab, Al-Thamama and Labib centers to assist in the early detection of infections. Planning is underway to launch the service in a fourth center.

The Primary Health Care Foundation stated that the number of appointments that were identified for taking smears from vehicles reached 14,236 appointments since the service’s launch date, while the number of those who attended these appointments and taking the smears was 10,679 people.

Vehicle survey centers ensure that priority screening is for the elderly and individuals with chronic diseases.

The Primary Care Institution invites through the reservation system all high-risk individuals to conduct examinations regularly through the respective health centers.

His Excellency Dr. Hanan Muhammad Al-Kuwari, Minister of Public Health, confirmed that early diagnosis and successful management make a big difference in the results.

She added that the unique preventive approach of inviting people to come, examine and treat them early is one of the success factors in the State of Qatar, which contributed to reducing the death rate in the country.

In this context, she called upon individuals who receive an invitation to conduct detection of the Coronavirus through the survey vehicles to respond to that, noting that prevention is always better than treatment, stressing the need to continue adhering to preventive measures, including wearing masks, maintaining social spacing and washing hands regularly.

For her part, Dr. Maryam Abdul-Malik, Director General of the Primary Health Care Foundation said that the survey centers of vehicles is an important achievement among the primary achievements of primary care, as this helped in increasing the daily testing capacity and proved effective in limiting the spread of the virus.

She added that the diligent work and dedication of primary care staff during this period contributed to early detection and thus contain the epidemic, as the proactive examination in the early stages, especially in the category of individuals with high risks helped in their treatment and ensuring community safety.

Scanning centers can be accessed from vehicles upon prior invitation only, where people receive a phone call and a short text message from the primary health care institution confirming the date and time of the examination, the period allocated to it and the place of its conduct.

The people from whom the swab is taken receive the test result from the Ministry of Public Health by phone call if the result is positive, and by SMS if the result is negative.