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The Ministry of Public Health announced its commitment to carry out the largest vaccination campaign in the State of Qatar during the remainder of this month and during the next year by providing enough vaccinations to vaccinate all targeted Sunni groups on the land of Qatar.

During a press conference held this evening on the latest developments in the Coronavirus (Covid-19), the Ministry affirmed the State of Qatar’s keenness to provide the best types of internationally approved vaccines, which will be a decisive tool in controlling this pandemic and the gradual return to normal life, as the first shipment arrives this evening. Of the vaccine produced by the alliance of “Pfizer” and “Biontech” after obtaining permission for registration and emergency use by the Ministry for people aged 16 and over.

In this context, Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal, Head of the National Strategic Group to Address Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Head of the Communicable Diseases Department at Hamad Medical Corporation, thanked the wise leadership for its support and guidance in order to provide the highest standards of health and ensure the health and well-being of everyone living on the land of Qatar. .

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With regard to vaccination against the Corona virus, Dr. Al-Khal emphasized that, under the direction of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, the government has endeavored at an early date since the outbreak of the pandemic to vigorously provide the vaccine to citizens and residents as soon as it becomes available by entering into binding agreements with The pioneering companies in developing this type of vaccines, whose experiences were promising from the beginning, pointing out that the State of Qatar has allocated the budgets and resources necessary to achieve this.

He stressed that the State of Qatar is one of the first countries in the world to receive this type of vaccination, which will contribute greatly to the return of life to its previous state and gradually, noting that the Ministry of Public Health is currently preparing to launch the vaccination campaign on a large scale, starting tomorrow / Wednesday. / 23 December, through the health centers in the country.

And he indicated that the vaccine approved by the ministry was approved by the coalition of “Pfizer” and “Biontech” last week by the US Food and Drug Administration to start using it in order to address the Corona pandemic “Covid-19”, after clinical studies proved that it is safe and effective, Note that these studies included tens of thousands of volunteers in several countries, and it has also been approved in many countries of the world, including the United Kingdom, pointing to the vaccination of more than 130 thousand people in the United States and more than 350 thousand people in the United Kingdom so far with the same vaccine.

Dr. Abd al-Latif al-Khal stressed that the vaccine, despite its development and approval in one year, does not mean that it has passed any of the necessary steps that are usually followed in developing vaccines or that the manufacturing quality or the degree of safety has not been verified. On the contrary, all steps, including Laboratory and clinical trials have been applied more effectively than before thanks to the advanced technology used and thanks to the prior investments made by companies and countries to develop the vaccine.

The head of the Communicable Diseases Department at HMC stated that the vaccination that will start the campaign in the State of Qatar is the one produced by “Pfizer” and “Biontech”, which gives a high degree of prevention of up to 95%, and most of the side effects associated with are often mild to Moderate, and it may include pain at the site of the injection or a slight sensation of slight fatigue, muscle pain or mild heat, noting that these symptoms are often mild and last from one to three days, and some analgesics can be used for these symptoms if the need arises, confirming that the side effects are an indication On the body’s response to the vaccination, and that the immunity is necessary to deal with the virus, confirming that the vaccination is given in two doses, which are taken within three weeks.

Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Khal stated that the first shipment that will arrive today and be followed by consecutive shipments will be devoted to immunizing the elderly and people with severe chronic diseases because they are more vulnerable to complications from the virus, as well as some medical and nursing staff and support medical services who deal with Corona patients on a daily basis, in addition to health workers in the homes of the elderly and home care services Some groups that work as first responders to some ministries and institutions in the country will also be vaccinated to ensure the progress of work in the necessary services and emergency services, adding that there is a gradual arrival and distribution of vaccination according to the largest and younger Sunni groups, and that the majority of the population will be completed during the next year as the state operates To provide the vaccine at the earliest opportunity.

On the nature of the new strain of the virus that appeared in some countries, and whether the State of Qatar will take any new measures in this regard, Dr.Abdul Latif Al-Khal, head of the National Strategic Group to Address Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Head of the Communicable Diseases Department at Hamad Medical Corporation, explained that the virus has a tendency to change Continuously through mutations or genetic changes that occur to it through its reproduction and spread, and that these mutations in the Corona virus occur more slowly than others, and often do not lead to any significant change in its behavior, explaining that the genetic makeup of the virus has undergone four mutations or changes since its appearance: The first was its transmission from animals to humans, the second that allowed it to spread widely, and the third that occurred by its transmission to some animals, then the fourth boom that occurred in Britain, which shows that it has become more widespread than before, stressing that this does not mean that the virus has become more severe Ferocious and lethal and that it will not respond to vaccinations.

Regarding the measures taken by some countries to close their airports, he explained that the State of Qatar is closely monitoring the situation and does not yet see any need to change the procedures followed, noting that the United Kingdom is not on the green list, and that those coming from there are subject to hotel quarantine and are examined before boarding the plane and highlighting what It proves that they have undergone examination and other measures taken by the Ministry of Public Health that limit the possibility of the virus entering the country and limit its spread.

Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Khal reviewed the health situation in the State of Qatar, stressing that it is stable, as nearly 150 cases are diagnosed daily, which means that the virus is still present in society and can re-spread in the form of a new wave if the opportunity arises, noting that the majority of citizens have not been exposed. For the virus in the past, they are vulnerable to infection with the virus, and most new cases are between members of the same family and between acquaintances and friends through visits and social events.

As for the infections that require hospitalization due to their severity, he explained that they range from 25 to 35 cases per day, or approximately 200 cases per week, and some cases end up entering intensive care, indicating that the virus continues to cause severe and critical injuries, and for deaths, The number is still low, but every death represents a loss that can be avoided, and for schools, the continuous checks carried out by the Ministry of Public Health show that the rate of infections is still low, which means that schools have not contributed to the spread of the virus in society.

Al-Khal reminded everyone of the need to exercise caution and take caution and continue to follow precautionary measures to avoid infection with the virus during this period, by continuing to wear a mask, maintain a safe distance from others, avoid crowded places, wash hands, and increase concern for applying these measures in social events such as weddings, councils and the role Solace, especially since many of the injuries came on these occasions.

With regard to the current situation of the pandemic at the global level, he explained that the epidemic is still spreading sharply and greater than it was, as some countries are witnessing third and fourth waves of the epidemic, which constitutes a great burden on hospitals and intensive care units, and that some countries are facing a new strain of the virus. More widespread than before, noting that more than 75 million confirmed infections and more than 1,600,000 deaths have been recorded so far.

For his part, Dr. Hamad Al-Rumaihi, Director of the Department of Health Protection and Communicable Diseases Control at the Ministry of Public Health, affirmed the State of Qatar’s keenness to provide the best types of internationally approved vaccines, which will be a decisive tool in controlling this pandemic, declaring commitment during the remainder of this month and during the next year The largest vaccination campaign in the country.

He said that although all groups of the population are vulnerable to infection with the virus and its complications, some groups are more vulnerable than others, and that the vaccine is optional and will be available during the next year 2021 to vaccinate all those on the land of Qatar, explaining that during the first phase, priority will be for those who increase Their age is over 70 years because the risk of acute complications of the disease increases with age, and for people who suffer from chronic diseases such as kidney failure, acute asthma, heart disease and weak immune system, and for health care workers such as doctors, nurses and health professionals who deal directly with infected patients Coronavirus.

And about the mechanism of action of the Pfizer and Bayontec vaccine, Dr. Hamad Al-Rumaihi explained that it protects people from infection by using what is called RNA that stimulates the immune response against the virus, like other vaccines, to produce antibodies as if it was exposed to the virus, and instead of injecting a person with a weak or inactive virus This vaccine injects ribonucleic acid (the genetic material that human cells read to make proteins) into the muscle of the upper arm. This vaccine instructs the human body how to produce the protein that leads to the production of antibodies, and if the real virus attacks the body, the immune system will be able to recognize it.

He emphasized that the RNA does not enter the nucleus of the cell, which is the place where the human DNA is, and therefore the vaccine does not affect the person’s DNA and there are no fears of eating it, as some claim.

And he indicated that the vaccine is given in two doses within 21 days to stimulate the immune response, so it is important for people to take the second dose at the specified time because any delay can affect the ability of the vaccine to provide protection, as full immunity develops after about one week after the dose. The second of the vaccine, stressing at the same time that everyone continues to follow basic preventive measures to protect themselves and those around them from the virus.

Regarding the mechanism of taking vaccination, Dr. Mariam Abdel-Malik, Director General of the Primary Health Care Corporation, explained that the vaccination will be available in 7 health centers for people who meet the criteria and conditions of primary precedence as a first stage, and will be expanded later, indicating that the centers in which the vaccines will be available are “Al-Wajba, Labib and Al-Ruwais Umm Salal, Rawdat Al-Khail, Al-Thamama and Muaither, “as each of them will have medical teams exclusively dedicated to vaccination against” Covid-19 “, indicating that all efforts will be made to ensure that patients have a smooth and effective experience of visiting these centers to receive vaccinations.

On how to obtain appointments, Dr. Maryam explained that the first group of priority vaccinations was chosen to give her vaccinations very carefully according to the extent of exposure to infection, and whoever is chosen is to be contacted by phone or SMS and informed of the need to receive the vaccination and direct it to the competent health center. Attendance is assessed as standard, which is a routine evaluation prior to any vaccination.

And she continued that after vaccination, the patient is given a card indicating the type of vaccine he received, its date and place of taking it, noting that vaccination with the Pfizer and Bayontec vaccine requires two doses within 21 days, and therefore the nursing team sets an appointment to receive the second dose for the patient, alerting at the same time to the need to attend at the specified time And that the patient will receive reminders of the dose dates again.