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The Ministry of Health said today that according to the public health indicators in the State of Qatar and the rest of the world and in continuation of the implementation of the travel and return policy to the State of Qatar, the green list for Covid-19 has been updated to include the following countries, which will be implemented as of Thursday, October 22, 2020. Note that This list will be reviewed and updated periodically.

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She explained that in the framework of the gradual lifting of the restrictions imposed in the State of Qatar due to the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) and based on the travel and return policies to the State of Qatar that were previously announced, these policies have been reviewed and it was decided to continue working on them with some updates and clarifications that will be implemented. Effective from October 22, 2020. It includes the following policies:

First: Policies for travel outside the State of Qatar:

* All citizens and residents can travel outside the country at any time, while adhering to all return procedures and according to the countries they come from.

* Those wishing to travel must ensure the procedures of the destination they wish to visit, in terms of quarantine procedures, their period, and the need to provide a certificate of free from Covid-19. 

* The employees of the various sectors must coordinate with their employers about the dates of travel and return, and take the quarantine period into account when planning travel and approve their annual leave accordingly.

Second: Return and entry policies into the State of Qatar:

(1) Examination and quarantine policies:
All those coming to the State of Qatar from the countries included in the green list must commit to conducting an examination to detect Covid-19 upon their arrival at the airport, and to sign an official pledge to abide by the home quarantine for a week, noting that the person’s health status is on A precaution will be applied in yellow, meaning that it will be subject to quarantine.

On the sixth day of quarantine, the person must go to one of the approved health centers to perform a COVID-19 examination again, and if the result is positive, the person is transferred to isolation, and if it is negative, the quarantine period ends with the completion of the seventh day and the person’s health status changes. On application of a precaution to green. 

It should be noted that the green list of countries related to Covid-19 will be published on the Ministry of Public Health website, as will be announced by the General Authority for Civil Aviation, noting that this list will be reviewed and updated periodically, taking into account the public health indicators in the State of Qatar and the rest of the world. 

* All those coming from the rest of the countries not mentioned in the green list must abide by the hotel quarantine at their own expense for a week, provided that the hotel accommodation is booked through the “Discover Qatar” website before their arrival in the State of Qatar. The start of the hotel quarantine, the exit of people will be related to the examination of Covid-19, and if the test result is negative, then the person undertakes to quarantine the home for another week, and his health status on the application of precaution is yellow and changes to green after completing the period of total quarantine, which is 14 days.

* In the event that there are Covid-19 examination centers approved by the Ministry of Public Health in a country, obtaining a virus-free certificate from one of these centers will exempt the person from conducting the examination at the airport or hotel upon his arrival in the State of Qatar, provided that it does not exceed the date of obtaining You have to testify 48 hours before travel. It should be noted that the list of accredited examination centers is updated and published on the Ministry of Public Health website.

* In case of entitlement to home quarantine, the housing conditions must be adequate in terms of the availability of a separate room attached to its own bathroom. If this is not possible, one of the approved hotel quarantine packages must be booked by visiting the website of “Discover Qatar.” People must also adhere to home quarantine guidelines to ensure their safety and the safety of those who live with them in the same residence. 

* In case of a minor passenger (not reached the age of 18 years), the guardian sign a formal pledge must ensure that the commitment of a minor domestic quarantine procedures.

(2) Citizens, their spouses and children, permanent residents and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries:

* Citizens, their spouses, children, permanent residents, and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries can travel outside the country and return at any time, while adhering to all the aforementioned procedures and according to the countries they come from.

* Citizens, their spouses, children, permanent residents and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries bear the cost of hotel reservation for a week, in case the hotel quarantine conditions apply, provided that the reservation is made through the “Discover Qatar” website before arriving in the State of Qatar.

* Excluded from bearing the cost of the hotel quarantine are patients who receive treatment abroad at the expense of the state and their officially approved companions, and employees on mission, as the sender will take charge of the costs of the hotel quarantine, if the conditions of the hotel quarantine apply to the person.

(3) Residents:

Residents have been allowed to return to the State of Qatar since the first of August 2020, by submitting an “exceptional entry permit” application through the “Qatar Gate” website.

An employer in the public and private sector is allowed to submit an application for an “exceptional entry permit” for residents working for their companies and institutions on the “Qatar Portal”. The same procedures can also be followed for domestic workers.

* The employer bears the quarantine costs for residents working for their companies and institutions in the private sector and domestic workers in the quarantine facilities after obtaining an entry permit, by visiting the “Discover Qatar” website.

(4) Categories eligible for home quarantine:

The following categories are excluded from the hotel quarantine, and they are allowed to quarantine home, whether Qatari or resident, and their family members who live with them in the same residence, including their companions from the domestic workers who come with them, regardless of the destination from which they come, namely:

* People aged 55 years and over.
* People who have undergone an organ or spinal cord transplant.
 * Patients with high blood pressure who are receiving treatment.
* Patients with conditions requiring immunosuppressive therapy.
* Patients with heart failure or coronary artery disease.
* Patients with asthma (moderate and high severity).
* Cancer patients who are undergoing treatment sessions (chemotherapy or radiation therapy).
* pregnant women.
* Breastfeeding mothers who are incubating children aged 0-5 years.
* Patients who suffer from acute kidney failure (in its last stages) or who are undergoing hemodialysis sessions.
* Patients with chronic liver disease.
* Patients who have had lower limb amputations.
People with disabilities who depend on others for their daily activities.
* Children with disabilities and their mothers.
* Epilepsy patients who receive treatment.
* Patients with diabetic foot disease.
* People with first-degree relatives who passed away within the last 10 days.
* People who suffer from mental health problems and are subject to drug treatment, whose health condition may worsen if they are kept in closed places.
* Diabetics who receive treatment.
* A minor (less than 18 years old) and a traveler without the company of one of his parents, guardian or guardian.

Third: Policies for Precaution:

Coming to the State of Qatar must download and activate a precaution app on their personal phones upon arrival at Hamad International Airport, provided that the following conditions are met:

Availability of a Qatari mobile number from one of the local companies (Ooredoo or Vodafone).
Provides internet connection.
Availability of a smartphone that supports Android 6 or higher, or IOS 13.5 and above.
The application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or by using Internet search engines.
Exempt from the application of this policy are diplomats accredited to the state, holders of the administrative card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and senior officials of the state.

The health status will remain on the application of yellow precaution throughout the quarantine period, until the examination is repeated on the sixth day of the home quarantine and a negative test result is obtained, in addition to the completion of the quarantine period, whether it is 7 or 14 days, according to the stipulated quarantine policies Above.

The Ministry of Health noted that the process of issuing exceptional entry permits to residents through the “Qatar Gate” website will continue until the need to regulate the entry process is eliminated, based on relevant public health indicators.

For inquiries and more information, you can contact the following authorities, according to the agency concerned with the procedure, which are as follows:

Mechanisms for issuing return permits to the State of Qatar, by visiting the “Qatar Gate” website or by calling (109) from within the State of Qatar or (+974 44069999) from outside the country.

Reserve quarantine packages, by visiting the “Discover Qatar” website or calling the hotline (+974 44237999).

Quarantine procedures and the application of precaution, by contacting the hotline (16000) or the government health call center through the website of the Ministry of Public Health.