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The Ministry of Trade and Industry launched today, officially the new package of electronic catering services, as part of its efforts towards digital transformation, developing the level of government services provided, and expanding them in a way that contributes to achieving excellence in performance and speed of completing transactions, and simplifying them in a way that eliminates the need for personal attendance and reviewing centers Provide the service.

The new electronic services package that was launched and added to the catering services program includes 9 new services divided into three categories, namely issuance services, amendment and update services, and distributors services.

Mubarak Khalifa Al-Muhannadi, Assistant Director of the Supply and Strategic Stocks Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, stressed in a press conference today the importance of this new step in the process of completing the digital transformation of the ministry’s services, which comes within the framework of the wise leadership’s directives to develop electronic infrastructure for all government agencies, and to achieve benefit Optimization of digital technology.

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He explained that the new electronic services are the result of cooperation and joint coordination with various government agencies and bodies, with the aim of facilitating the transactions of citizens and all auditors of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, pointing out that the Ministry has taken the initiative in this regard to design a unified electronic platform for catering services that achieves integration between the various stakeholders, including It contributes to relieving pressure on the various branches of the Supply Department, which currently numbered 6 branches in different regions in the country, including the North, Al-Khor, Al-Shahaniyah, the Industrial Zone, Umm Salal, and the Ministry’s headquarters in Lusail.

In this context, Al-Mohannadi referred to the progress that has been made in the field of issuing ration cards, the number of which has now reached more than 60,000 cards, while the number of beneficiaries of the supply program has reached more than 391,000 citizens, adding that food supplies and fodder are being distributed. Through 137 distributors in different regions of the country.

The Assistant Director of the Supply and Strategic Stock Department confirmed that the electronic services of the catering program translate the ministry’s efforts to reduce the burdens of citizens, in line with the vision of the wise leadership to transform the State of Qatar into an advanced country capable of achieving sustainable development, and ensuring the continuation of decent living for its people, generation after generation.

Mr. Faisal Al-Haythami from the Public Relations Department gave a presentation on the nature of the new electronic catering services, which include in its first category the service of obtaining a new ration card, the service of requesting the issuance of a replacement card for lost / damaged, in the event of loss or damage to the ration card, and the service of dispensing fodder for the citizen Which allows for the possibility of buying feed materials (barley and barbecue) through the website to supply and pay the value of purchases and receive them from stores.

The second category services, represented in the amendment and modernization services, include the service of modifying the type of ration card, the services of adding or removing individuals from the ration card, the service of updating the card data, and the service of updating the certificate of possession of animal wealth, through which the feed card data can be updated to spend the monthly share of my items Barley and barbecue, after updating the data of the livestock possession certificate issued by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and uploading a copy of it on the Tamween website.

In turn, distributors’ services include a service of disbursing food supplies and feed to distributors, which allows them to purchase food supplies and fodder through the electronic page to supply and pay the value of purchases and receive them directly from stores without the need to review the supply and strategic inventory management.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Trade and Industry launched, in the past, the catering services electronically, through its website, to complement the services it developed for the beneficiaries of the ration card, which included 5 services represented in the service of viewing the list of approved distributors, and the service of changing the password for the card The ration, and the services related to the ration card information represented in the data, the exchange record and the monthly allowance, thus making the total number of catering services available electronically to about 14 services.