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His Excellency Eng. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Subaie, Minister of Municipality and Environment, issued a ministerial decision regarding the regulation of the hunting season for some birds and wild animals.

The decision stipulates that the hunting season of migratory birds (lafo) will be in the following period from 1/9/2020 until 1/5/2021 without any other year, provided that the houbara bustard is hunted by falcons only, and it is prohibited to use or exchange hunting tools and means other than Especially the traditional bird attraction device.

And that the season for hunting rabbits is from 1/11/2020 until 12/15/2021 without any other year, provided that they are hunted by falcons and hunting dogs only.

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And it is prohibited to hunt any birds or other wild animals, and in particular the prohibition of hunting birds and endemic animals throughout the year / brioche, hawthorn, leaf, sowaida, oyster, stairs, ostriches, and deer /.