Doha – Ibrahim Salah :

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment, represented by the Department of Livestock, launched the second campaign of the second national plan for vaccination against FMD and will continue until mid-November, and the Ministry called on all breeders to contact their veterinary center to register for the FMD vaccination campaign, because of its utmost importance In preserving the country’s livestock, and achieving the highest rate of animal productivity .

The national vaccination campaign against FMD targets 3 types of animals (sheep, goats, cows), which come within the current program in agreement with the Animal Health Organization to combat disease (FMD, Peste des Petits Ruminants) at the Middle East level .

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Foot-and-mouth disease is one of the most dangerous diseases threatening the dairy industry worldwide. It is a highly contagious disease characterized by its rapid spread, and leads to high temperatures of infected animals and the appearance of painful sores in the mouth, arms and legs, which results in a sharp decrease in milk production and the death of young animals. .

The Livestock Department provides its curative and preventive services through the veterinary centers distributed in the various regions of the country, and the administration pays special attention to preventive measures, especially livestock vaccination and veterinary guidance for its important role in preventing diseases and spare breeders the losses that result from death, production loss and treatment costs. Clinical service centers of veterinary centers, as well as therapeutic visits to animal holdings .

The Ministry works to provide all vaccinations and medicines for epidemic and infectious diseases that threaten livestock, as the epidemiological situation for the country is very reassuring and there are no risks to livestock, and the launch of the national vaccination campaign against the foot and mouth disease is nothing but a precautionary measure to increase the immunity of livestock .

The Ministry launched the first campaign of the national plan for vaccination against foot and mouth disease last November, which lasted for 6 months, with the aim of vaccinating livestock, increasing the immunity of livestock, as well as launching a series of campaigns for immunization from various diseases that harm livestock production .