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The “New York Times” newspaper revealed that US President Donald Trump may be “the only patient on the planet who has received these drugs” for treatment of the Corona virus.

Trump – who was infected with the Coronavirus, returned to the White House, Monday – after spending only four days in the military hospital, during which he underwent medical follow-up and treatment that seemed to be intense, which allowed him to recover in a short time.

CNN reported that Trump received antibody treatment last Friday before entering the hospital, a treatment that is still being tested by the Regeneron Pharmaceutical Company, and he has not obtained a license from the US Food and Drug Administration.

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Regenon said it provided the treatment after receiving a request to use the drug from Trump’s doctors.

And antibody treatment showed positive results on 275 people who had been infected with the virus and had undergone clinical trials, in which the levels of Covid 19 virus decreased in their bodies.

Euro News says that it is not easy to obtain a drug that is not authorized by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, even if the demand for the drug is for use, as the applicant will face procedures that take a long time.

Trump also received other drugs upon entering the hospital, remdesivir, a drug that did not obtain approval from the Food and Drug Administration to treat Covid-19, but is allowed to be used only after obtaining a license for emergency use.

And the clinical results of Ramdisever proved that it can accelerate the healing process from the Covid-19 virus after taking it for a period of no more than five days, but this drug has side effects such as causing anemia or toxicity of the liver and kidneys.

Doctors also prescribed to Trump a drug, dexamethasone, which is available on the market, and it contributes to reducing infections, but it suppresses the immune system, so it is not prescribed to Corona patients except in exceptional cases.

Trump may be the only person in the world infected with the Coronavirus who has converged three different treatments, according to George Washington University professor of medicine, Dr. Jonathan Rayner, who said, “The president may be the only patient on this planet who receives this special combination of drugs.”

“He is the president of the United States of America,” said epidemiologist Dr. Sima Yasmine. “He will receive all available drugs and treatments, whether or not he was authorized under emergency use, and this is what happened with antibody treatment