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“Delete the UAE and replace it with Qatar.” This is how the Saudi media is working at a strange pace to distort the image of Doha on the Arab and Gulf countries, in an attempt to divert Arab and Gulf anger from the Emirates, which raises the surprise and ridicule of the followers of this media .. The act and betrayal of Abu Dhabi is the peg of Riyadh’s failure and the fall of Abu Dhabi It is Doha’s share, according to media, that it lost its compass not long ago.

The UAE officially printed the accusations to Doha. The
Emirates officially  announced an agreement to normalize relations with the Israeli occupation .. It received Zionist delegations – including the head of the Mossad himself – in Abu Dhabi, and opened the background of Burj Khalifa to the Hebrew media channels .. Nevertheless, the Saudi media does not hear and do not see and in front of public embarrassment, it is not the maximum It is an internal Emirati affair.


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The Saudi media is still living in a time of trying to distort Doha by illusory normalization and fabricating accusations that have no evidence. Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper – with Emirati leanings – says that an Israeli military delegation is visiting Doha to arrange a truce in Gaza with the aim of a ceasefire !!

Although the same newspaper completely ignored the visit of the Mossad chief to Abu Dhabi for normalization and did not say a word about the Israeli delegations and the Hebrew media that are almost staying in the Emirates, the newspaper tried to distort Doha with the Emirati betrayal card on the grounds that Qatar is already playing a role to calm the situation in Gaza based on its duty and responsibilities to stand Next to the Palestinian people.

The UAE was the one who printed and received the head of the Mossad and opened its streets to the Zionists … This is how activists try to mention “Asharq Al-Awsat” and its sisters from the Saudi media, which is trying to distort Doha with what Abu Dhabi committed !!

Doha is the hedge of the Saudi failure in Yemen 
, similar to easing the pressure on the UAE, popular questions and on its social media sites due to the Southern Transitional Council’s coup against the legitimacy that is exercising its role from Riyadh hotels, committing massacres against civilians, including the legitimate army, and recruiting Yemenis and exploiting their need to fight alongside the Emir’s militia Haftar’s war in Libya. The Saudi Al-Watan newspaper goes against the trend by accusing Qatar of establishing a camp in Taiz that uses heavy and medium weapons to kill children, women and defenseless civilians and destroy their homes as if it describes what the Saudi-Emirati coalition is doing ..

Doha is the one that killed children and bombed schools and civilian facilities, until the children of Yemen came to risk their lives and prefer death with the Coronavirus over starvation, according to what Yemeni and international human rights organizations say.

Doha is the one on which the Saudi media is commenting on the failure to restore the legitimacy of hotels. This same media is forgetting what the Saudi Crown Prince said that his country and its alliance control the largest area of ​​land and that it can end the battle in a few days.

Did the cause of failure after all these years to achieve any victory over the Houthis reversed until Doha was arming one of the camps, which is the reason for the delay in the decision? !! .. 

Qatar, which did not have any presence in Yemen, and its previous role in the coalition was limited to protecting the lands of Saudi Arabia, sends arms, armaments and leads a rebellion in Yemen .. if this is true then it is a failure on another failure of the Saudi coalition? … and if it is in a cheap attempt to distort, such as the Saudi media’s attempts to relieve pressure on the Emirates .. So excuse me, cheap media: what Abu Dhabi committed in Yemen, Palestine and Libya cannot be forgotten or reduced condemnation.