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Today, the Public Prosecution issued a statement regarding the reports numbers 5689 and 6457 of the year 2020 AD, at the Capital Police Department (the two incidents of finding a child, and the violations of judicial officers).

The statement indicated that on 10/2/2020 AD, a newborn girl was found lying inside a bag in a trash bag in one of the toilets in the departure hall at Hamad International Airport, and the focus of attention at that time was first and foremost, preserving the life of this child, By taking all the necessary medical procedures, and this was done by placing them under medical supervision all the time and then depositing them in one of the country’s childcare homes, and airport security carried out its legal duty of searching and investigating the perpetrator of this crime, but some employees exceeded the procedures – believing in their health – The requirements of the law, so they summoned the “medical female staff working at the airport to stand alone in accordance with the medical procedures” to conduct a virtual examination of those travelers in a place designated for this to control the active mothers among them, and this was done, then they left the travelers to their destination.

As soon as the Public Prosecution office was informed of the incident as mentioned above, the Attorney General ordered, based on the legal responsibility of the Public Prosecution, the criminal case, an investigation and an accusation, to conduct extensive investigations – within the framework of integration with all judicial control agencies and specialized technical experts – to determine the truth of the incident “whether to lay down The child, as soon as she was born, was in the trash and was found, or by some of the employees ’violations, as mentioned above.With the aim of tracking what might have occurred in the crimes that might have occurred, to apprehend those responsible and bring them to criminal prosecution, in order to achieve prompt justice, and the investigation plan was established on the basis of summoning all relevant devices or employees involved in working in the crime scene area inside the airport. Some leaders were questioned and interrogated. Concerned with the airport security department, the civil aviation control tower, the airport administration, and the genetic printout of a suspected person, the Public Prosecution reviewed all the correspondence and reports that the airport officials exchanged with others in the meantime, and tasked those concerned with unloading the content of surveillance cameras, audio recordings and phones. .

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The investigations revealed that the girl’s mother is of the nationality of one of the Asian countries, and she had a relationship with another person of the nationality of one of the Asian countries as well, as a result of this relationship of the found child, so the mother, while leaving the country, threw the newborn child in the trash in one of the sessions Water in the airport departure hall, and boarded the plane to its destination.

By interrogating the accused, the father of the girl, he admitted his relationship with the mother of the child, and that she sent him a message and a picture of the girl immediately after her birth, and the message included that she dumped the child that she gave birth to and fled to her country.

The result of examining the DNA of the defendants was identical with the DNA of the child.

In the criminal aspect related to the transgression that occurred by some employees as mentioned above, the extensive investigations resulted in some employees of the Airport Security Department, having acted unilaterally by summoning the female medical staff to conduct a virtual examination of some female travelers, believing that what they did is in conformity with the law as they are Judicial arrest officers specialized in searching and investigating the circumstances and circumstances of the crime.

The Public Prosecution notes that the transgressions committed by some employees of the Airport Security Department are against the law, and the Qatari Penal Code also punishes it with penalties of a maximum of three years.

The Public Prosecution also notes that the crime of attempting to kill a baby girl immediately after her birth, and in the circumstances in which she was found, is one of the most heinous crimes and most contrary to human values, as well as punishable by the Qatari Penal Code, with a maximum penalty of fifteen years, in order to achieve deterrence, both private and public. And achieving justice, and the Public Prosecution notes that it is taking appropriate legal action within the framework of international judicial cooperation to arrest the fugitive accused.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecutor ordered that the defendants be presented to the criminal court to receive a penalty for what they had committed, whether those who threw the newborn child in the trash or those who violated laws and regulations among the judicial officers.