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Qatar Airways said that it is the first Gulf carrier that flies to the capitals of the four Nordic countries, “Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm” with the possibility of continuing flights to more than 80 destinations, and Qatar Airways said, “With gradually reopening its borders to visitors, Vienna is considered an excellent destination for an unforgettable vacation.” In this European city, where enjoying its unique combination of historical monuments and its modern architectural style, it indicated that it currently flies to the Austrian capital five times a week. In a related context, Qatar Airways said that it operates three flights a week to Dublin. On the other hand, Qatar Airways said, “All passengers are on board. Its aircraft will have a mask and a face shield, which they must wear throughout the flight from the moment they board the plane until they reach their final destination safely. Qatar Airways invited its customers to enjoy Suite services for businessmen. “She said that the Suite service is currently available on flights to more than 30 destinations, including Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, New York, and the Pacific, and the airline said, “Qatar Airways is the largest global operator of Airbus A350s and the A350 fleet has an average operating life of about two and a half years and a capacity for a number of passengers.” It suits the current demand for travel. “Qatar Airways said that it will resume its flights to Philadelphia, which is rich in historical monuments, at a rate of 3 flights per week, starting from September 15, confirming that its flights to Adelaide in Australia will resume at the rate of two flights per week to allow travelers in Australia the possibility of reaching more destinations, adding that it offers Australians have the largest network of destinations in the continent of Europe, which includes 33 European destinations via Doha, and Qatar Airways recently announced an update of its commercial policy to give travelers more flexibility and options when planning their trips. Passengers will have the ability to change their travel date an unlimited number of times, and they will also be able to change their travel destination as long as it is less than 5,000 miles from the original destination, without additional fees or price differences.