Badruddin Malik:

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Qatar Airways announced an increase in the number of its flights to Singapore at a rate of two flights per day, and the carrier said, “With the receipt of the new aircraft, we will continue to give travelers the best travel experience ever on board aircraft equipped with the latest technology with spacious seats and cabins. Qatar Airways said that Sofia is A dynamic city in Eastern Europe with an impressive collection of historical monuments, confirming that it flies to this wonderful city at a rate of three flights per week, and Qatar Airways currently operates 100 flights to various destinations within its network of operations, and this qualitative achievement is the culmination of the great efforts made by the airline to re Building their network of destinations, especially after it was one of the few airlines that continued to fly everywhere during the pandemic to return travelers to their countries in safety and peace.

Qatar Airways plans to increase the number of its destinations to more than 125 destinations before the end of 2020 and according to recent statistics from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Qatar Airways became the largest international airline during the period from April to June; By fulfilling its mission of delivering travelers to their countries, Qatar Airways was able to gather unparalleled expertise in the field of transporting travelers to their countries safely, and it became in a unique location that allowed it to effectively rebuild its global network of destinations, and the airline also applied the latest measures and special procedures. Health and safety on board its aircraft, and at Hamad International Airport.