Doha – Qena

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His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, CEO of the Qatar Media Foundation, reviewed the final touches of the broadcast of “Qatar 2” channel that will be launched next Thursday, and it is concerned with presenting and displaying the most important materials presented by Qatar TV through its history of various serials, plays and programs. A team of specialists select these materials and schedule them for re-broadcast, to take advantage of the valuable library of Qatar TV from programs, meetings, and TV memories.

His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani stressed that this channel will join the series of Qatari channels that are characterized by the quality of the show .. Praising the progress of Qatar TV since its inception and its ability to meet the desires of viewers for many years, adding “a rich archive we have on Qatar TV we will work to re-broadcast it, And choosing the most beautiful to present it with a purposeful entertainment template to keep the memory of the audience interacting with the pearls presented by Qatar TV throughout its history. “

For his part, Mr. Mubarak Al-Awami, assistant director of Qatar TV and director of programs, affirmed that the launch of this channel was preceded by days of work to prepare distinguished materials that deserve to be re-displayed on the second channel’s screen and to prepare a diversified program schedule that includes a number of serials, plays and distinguished programs .. indicating that the materials that will be returned Its presentation will attract viewers.

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He said that “Qatar TV was and still is a favorite screen for many viewers, not only in Qatar, and this follow-up was formed from a large stock of special programs and materials that were being produced by TV, which will be the main focus of the new channel.”

The work teams of Qatar TV have been mobilized for a long time to prepare for the new channel, which is expected to witness large follow-up ratios in the coming period, as it includes various programs that have monitored distinct stages in the history of Qatar.