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Today, the Qatari-American strategic dialogue is launched for the third year in a row, within the framework of the distinguished relations between the two countries at all levels. The dialogue will include a high-level session chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, and the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and a number of ministers and officials from both sides will participate in the dialogue, which will be held remotely.

Her Excellency Greta C. Holtz, Chargé d’Affairs at the United States Embassy in Qatar, stressed the importance of the Qatari-US strategic dialogue, which will be held today and tomorrow. Her Excellency said on her Twitter account, “The US embassy in Doha looks forward to holding the important US-Qatar strategic dialogue.” Her Excellency continued, “Our partnership with Qatar is strategic and we are keen to consolidate our relationship in business, stability, regional prosperity, energy, combating terrorism, culture, education, health, science and all fields.”

For his part, David Schenker, US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, stressed the importance of the strong partnership between the State of Qatar and the United States of America, noting that Qatar is an important partner in the region. In a press conference a few days ago through visual communication with local media on the occasion of his visit to Doha, Schenker praised the efforts of the State of Qatar as an active partner in combating terrorist financing, through its efforts, positions and legislation, stressing that these efforts contribute to preventing the financing of the phenomenon of terrorism, and that Qatar is a member. Important in the international coalition against ISIS, appreciating its commitment and partnership with the United States at all levels.

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The US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs stressed the importance of the effective Qatari role in combating terrorism, stressing that it is an indispensable role, especially the role of Qatar in efforts to combat terrorist financing, noting that Washington appreciates Doha’s efforts in combating this phenomenon within the framework of partnership relations. And cooperation between Qatar and the United States of America. He noted the importance of military and security cooperation between Qatar and the United States, stressing that this cooperation contributes to establishing peace in the Middle East region and dealing with its issues closely and effectively.

He described the State of Qatar as an important ally of his country, stressing that the two countries work side by side in all forums and international organizations.

Multiple fields
It is expected that the strategic dialogue, in its third edition, will address areas of cooperation in politics, economy, culture, education, energy, health issues, mediation, combating terrorism, and the exchange of views on regional issues. In this context, the State of Qatar will affirm its position on the necessity of a political solution to the region’s issues and respect for peoples ’aspirations. It will also emphasize the need to reach Towards a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue, and this year’s dialogue sheds light on the cultural, economic and developmental relations that serve the interest of the Qatari and American peoples, as a number of cultural, economic and educational partnerships will be announced and a number of memoranda of understanding and letters of intent related to culture, development and the economy will be signed. The strategic dialogue aims to discuss ways to enhance cooperation between the State of Qatar and the United States of America in various fields and to develop exceptional bilateral relations between the two countries, which depend on common interests and mutual respect.

The first Qatari-American strategic dialogue was held in Washington, on January 30, 2018, with the participation of the foreign and defense ministers of both countries, and the presence of the energy, trade and finance ministers from Qatar and the United States of America, as the two parties signed a memorandum of understanding, according to which it was agreed to transform the strategic dialogue between the two countries into An annual dialogue held every year in one of the capitals of the two countries. In a way that translates the status of the relations between the two sides, the United States of America announced, in a clear and official manner, that it will not allow any military aggression against Qatar, and that it considers it a strong and reliable regional partner, especially in the context of preserving regional security and stability and combating terrorism.

Enhancing cooperation
The second round of the Strategic Dialogue was held on January 13th last year in Doha, where the important progress made since the first Strategic Dialogue was held in Washington in January 2018 was reviewed. According to a statement issued by the two sides at the end of the dialogue, the strength of the bilateral relations and the opportunities available for both countries to strengthen their strategic partnership were highlighted, and US officials participated in it with their Qatari counterparts in many aspects of the relationship, including cooperation in the areas of regional security, defense, education, culture, law enforcement and combating Terrorism, trade cooperation, energy and labor issues.

The two sides signed three memoranda of understanding and a statement of intent between the two countries, as part of efforts to confirm their long-term commitment to strengthening existing partnerships. The two governments expressed their concern about the impact of the Gulf crisis on the region, and the State of Qatar expressed appreciation for the constructive role played by the United States in supporting the efforts of the Emir of Kuwait to resolve the conflict. The two countries also affirmed their continued support for a strong and unified Gulf Cooperation Council, and the two governments discussed strengthening the defense partnership to maintain Stability in the region through increasing the operational capacity of US forces stationed in Qatar. Partnerships for combating terrorism and law enforcement were discussed as part of their ongoing joint efforts to prevent extremism and violence. In appreciation of bilateral cooperation in the field of education and culture, the two countries also signed a statement of intent to work together to enhance cultural understanding and relations. Between the two peoples, they stressed the importance of their commitment to trade cooperation in order to boost trade and investment.

The second round of the dialogue was attended by senior Qatari and American officials, led by HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. And His Excellency Dr. Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Attiyah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defense Affairs. And HE Sheikh Meshaal bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar’s ambassador to the United States. And HE Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State of the United States of America. And Mr. Timothy Lenderking, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arab Gulf Countries, and other officials in both countries.

Strong relationships
Observers emphasized that the strategic dialogue between Qatar and the United States of America supports stability in the Gulf region, as there is an increase in consensus and convergence in the strategic visions between the two countries, and they emphasized the need to remain as close allies and friends, whether in terms of bilateral or multilateral cooperation. The strategic dialogue also aims to enhance the strength of bilateral relations between the State of Qatar and the United States, and the dialogue shed light on the mutually beneficial opportunities for the peoples of the two countries.

In this context, the “National Interest” magazine published a report on the US-Qatar rapprochement. The report pointed out that the strategic dialogue between the United States and Qatar indicates that the two countries enjoy strong relations in various sectors. The magazine pointed out that since the imposition of the blockade on Qatar in June 2017, the players have been trying to impose their point of view, noting that this dispute was reflected in what many considered the most profound security challenges in the Arab world, as there are many security threats from outside, as well as threats coming from Inside, which are threats that differ from one country to another.

She added that Qatar’s large energy potential makes it an important country for the United States at the strategic level, as more than half of the country’s exports of natural gas go to US allies in Europe, and through this energy need, President Donald Trump welcomes the strengthening of relations with Qatar, which is what It led to the start of the strategic dialogue and the signing of several joint agreements.