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The Qatari Businessmen Association, during a meeting with Sir Edward Lister, Senior Strategic Adviser to the British Prime Minister, on the occasion of his visit to the country, reviewed the prospects for joint cooperation in the trade and investment fields.

During the meeting, His Excellency Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani, Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, praised the strong and deep-rooted bilateral relations between the State of Qatar and the United Kingdom, stressing the importance of continuing to follow up the progress of economic relations between the two countries and work to develop them permanently, especially in light of the current crisis due to the Corona / Covid pandemic – 19 /.

His Excellency also referred to the importance of the United Kingdom as an investment and tourism destination for Qataris .. and said that it represents the first investment destination for businessmen, especially in the real estate sector, in addition to the choice of Qatari students to study, in addition to considering it a tourist and entertainment destination for Qatari families.

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For his part, Sir Lister said that the British government is currently developing new legislation and re-enacting many laws, especially those that were related to the European Union, to facilitate many procedures and create more spaces for cooperation with friendly countries.

He stressed the commitment of the United Kingdom to work closely with the State of Qatar and the Qatari private sector to develop bilateral cooperation in the trade and investment fields, especially after Britain’s exit from the European Union and to develop its own trade policies, which would strengthen relations and develop them to suit the ambitions of the two countries.

He pointed to his country’s government’s interest in encouraging British companies to set up outside Britain, creating global partnerships and investing in foreign markets. He said, “This visit to the State of Qatar aims to convey the UK’s message to its economic partners around the world that it is now more open than before and that its economic future is not limited to Europe. Just the whole world. “

For his part, Mr. Hussein Al-Fardan, First Vice President of the Association’s Board of Directors, indicated the need to increase the presence of British companies in Doha and create new partnerships in cooperation with the British embassy team there, and the need to increase the volume of trade exchange between the two countries, which is witnessing remarkable growth.

For his part, Sheikh Nawwaf bin Nasser, member of the Association’s Board of Directors, pointed to the importance of establishing agreements to support commercial activities and increase the rates of trade exchange between the two countries, and called for the need to encourage British small and medium-sized companies to discover the Qatari market and cooperate with Qatari businessmen in this context.