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The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies organized a lecture entitled “Palestine .. the cause and the compass”, on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which falls on the twenty-ninth of November every year. At the beginning of the lecture, which was conducted by Mr. Ali Al Kaabi, Director of the Communication and External Relations Department at the Institute, Professor of Political Science at Qatar University, Dr. Muhammad Al-Misfer, said that the Arabs must support the Palestinian people with all their strength and stand with them in order to recover their stolen rights, and the return of the displaced and refugees to Their homeland, adding that in order to achieve this right, a sincere Palestinian national unity must gather all forces under one banner to restore the land and liberate the Palestinian soil from the Israeli occupation. In her turn, Dr. Sana Hammoudi touched on the humanitarian side of the Palestinian issue, with her focus on refugees and their rights.
The lecture was held via visual communication technology, in which the professor of political science at Qatar University, Dr. Muhammad Al-Misfer, and the Palestinian Academy Dr. Sanaa Hammoudi, in addition to Dr. Ibrahim Fraihat, Associate Professor at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, and researcher Ayat Hamdan from the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.

In a related context, Dr. Ibrahim Fraihat talked about the concept of solidarity and what is meant by it, explaining that the reasons for solidarity are due to the fact that it is usually associated with human values, such as justice, freedom, human dignity, and others, as well as the link between solidarity and identity.
In her intervention, on the reasons for the decline in Arab solidarity with the Palestinian people, Dr. Ayat Hamdan emphasized that this matter calls for the necessity to emphasize the nature of the conflict with the Israeli occupation, on the basis that it is a settler colonial system, based on apartheid, and seeks to expel the Palestinians and strip them of their rights.