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It seemed very natural for Riyadh not to denounce the agreement to normalize relations between the UAE and Israel, which the two sides announced on August 13, and was content with a cold and dry statement confirming commitment to the Arab peace plan to reach a solution to the conflict.

Here, many consider the possibility of Saudi Arabia’s recognition of Israel as not merely a betrayal of the Palestinian cause, but rather a betrayal of the entire Islamic world by virtue of the existence of the Muslim Kaaba and the cradle of the prophetic message on Saudi lands.

This stems from the fear that there are indications that pave the way for a possible normalization process, and it may be in a surprise move by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who aspires to ascend the throne as soon as possible, by making radical changes internally and externally.

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It seems that bin Salman is following the path of normalization straightforwardly, and this is the policy of states and all countries have the right to establish relations with any state or entity in the worlds, but events may delay the announcement and date of the Saudi-Israeli normalization, as the Middle East Eye website revealed Bin Salman’s withdrawal from a secret visit to Washington. The end of August 2020, during which it was scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

The site indicated that the reason for his withdrawal was his fear of leaking news of t