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The second vice-president of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Rashid bin Hamad Al-Athba, stressed the strength and solidity of bilateral relations between Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman in all fields, especially economic and commercial, expressing the satisfaction of the Qatari business sector for the progress made by the bilateral cooperation in the recent countries, as well as At the same time, he expressed his ambition that we aspire for bilateral relations to achieve more cooperation and interdependence between the two countries, especially in the field of investment projects, taking advantage of the great potentials and opportunities available in both countries and the sincere desire of both sides to reach relations to broader and broader horizons in all economic and commercial areas in particular .


He told Al-Sharq that the world economic reality calls for greater cooperation between the two countries than before, and the second vice-president of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry clarified that there are promising opportunities and prospects for joint investment between the two countries in areas such as ports and logistical services, the dry docks field, and tourism , Mining, industry (manufacturing and petrochemicals), agriculture and fish, transport and communications, and fish wealth, among others.

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The private sector

He said that the Qatari private sector represents a fundamental pillar in strengthening and strengthening relations with all countries, especially in the economic and commercial fields. Prospects for joint investment, and support and encourage commercial partnerships and economic alliances with the Omani side, as well as encouraging Qatari business owners to cooperate with their counterparts in the Sultanate of Oman and establish business partnerships and to explore opportunities in the Sultanate.


As the Chamber is keen on enhancing commercial cooperation between the private sector in both countries, noting the Qatari investments in various sectors in the Sultanate, in addition to the continuous desire of Qatari business owners to learn about the various investment opportunities in the Sultanate. Al-Azba said that the strong relations between the two countries have jumped in the trade exchange between the two countries, and the trade exchange between the two countries has registered great leaps in recent years, to more than 6.8 billion riyals during the past year 2019, compared to 3.8 billion in the year 2017, registered a growth rate of 240% .

Omani Qatari companies

He said that most of the Qatari investments in the Sultanate are distributed on shares, alliances and partnerships in more than 200 Omani companies, in various sectors, and about the most important Qatari exports to the Sultanate of Oman, the second vice-president of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry made it clear that it includes mineral or chemical nitrogen fertilizers and primary polymers in ethylene And with various polymers, oil gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons, in addition to iron and steel, articles of asphalt and similar materials, glass fibers and their products, tubes, pipes, hoses and accessories, he pointed out that the Sultanate of Oman occupied the top countries receiving non-oil exports during the past year according to the certificates of origin that Issued by the Chamber. He said that the most important Qatari imports from the Sultanate of Oman include live or slaughtered animals, fresh or frozen fish, sugar, sucrose, candy and chocolate in addition to other food products that contain cocoa.

Made in Qatar and

pointed to the great success achieved by the Made in Qatar exhibition hosted by the Omani capital, Muscat, last December and held for the second time outside the country of Qatar, where the establishment of the exhibition in the Sultanate emphasizes the importance of mutual exhibitions between the two countries. OPEX “in the year 2017 and exhibition of Omani SMEs last year.


The exhibition witnessed a wide turnout from visitors, especially the Omani businessmen who expressed their admiration for the exhibition and met their Qatari counterparts and corporate officials and got acquainted with the Qatari industries, and on the sidelines of the exhibition, many agreements were signed between Qatari and Omani companies to establish partnerships in both countries. The exhibition succeeded in achieving goals in terms of developing cooperation between the Qatari and Omani companies and in exchanging experiences and introducing the Omani community to the Qatari products and industries and opening new foreign markets to the diverse and small Qatari companies, adding that the success of the exhibition emphasized the strong desire of the business sectors of the two countries to enhance and transfer joint cooperation To higher levels of coordination and joint action, in order to develop trade and investment exchange between the two countries.

Business Forum

He also mentioned the success achieved by the Omani Qatari Businessmen Forum, which was held on the sidelines of the Made in Qatar exhibition entitled “Promoting Industry is a Strategic Choice” amid a large presence of Qatari and Omani businessmen, where more than one hundred Qatari businessmen attended and twice that number of Omani businessmen witnessed The forum proposed a number of investment opportunities in various industrial and productive sectors to support the implementation of new investment projects in both countries, praising in this regard the strong brotherly relations that link Qatar and Oman, especially economic relations and great cooperation between the Qatari and Omani private sectors, pointing to the volume of trade exchange and big leaps Achieved in a short period, the Sultanate of Oman has been with him during the past year, the recipients of Qatari exports.


He said that the Qatar Chamber continues to provide its services to the private sector and its affiliates and work to develop them in order to enhance the role of the private sector, which is an essential partner in achieving sustainable development in the country, which played a pivotal role in the development of the industrial sector and in achieving a large amount of self-sufficiency in some food products And consumer requirements, which raised the number of factories in the country to 14%, and the private sector has won the confidence of leadership, which placed on us a great responsibility to provide more effort for the elevation of the economy and continue to work with greater determination and enhance the role of the private sector in the economic and investment process and encourage business owners to direct Their direct investments into industrial projects needed by the local market.

The second vice-president of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the leadership of the two countries is represented in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country and his brother Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, they are keen to enhance relations between the two countries and joint cooperation in all respects to achieve the interests of the two peoples. Among the distinguished strong and firm relations, with a deep historical dimension between the two countries and in the light of the special relationship between Qatar and the Sultanate, pointing to the mutual visits at the level of leaders and senior officials between the two countries. He said that it emphasizes brotherhood and strong relations between Qatar and Oman, as it confirms the numerous agreements that were signed On the strength of these relations and the possibility of their development, we value the close relationship between the chambers of commerce in the two countries and the role they play in strengthening relations at all levels.

National strategies

Al-Adhba pointed out that Qatar is going through a historical and articulated stage of the process of achieving sustainable development and drawing national strategies within the Qatar Vision 2030, which aims to reduce dependence on energy as a source of income, as the state launched many plans and programs, with which the GDP increased during 2017 to $ 222 billion By 1.6%, compared to the previous year, as foreign trade witnessed a growth of 16%, while exports increased by 18%, which contributed to the increase in the trade surplus by 50% in the year 2017.

The second vice-president of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that Qatar has managed, in light of the challenges it faced, been able to develop its relations with most of the countries of the world and our ties with our allies have been established more than before, all in light of a growing eagerness by the wise leadership to proceed with plans for economic diversification and achieving growth. Far from relying on oil and gas without neglecting it, and he said that the current economic indicators indicate that the future carries more development and prosperity, especially as the development of citizens and the enhancement of their standard of living comes at the top of the leadership priorities, which is what the state will now take with steady and confident steps indicated by the second national development strategy 2018-2022, which includes the continuation of infrastructure development, the promotion of economic diversification, the development of the private sector and other issues that reveal the extent of our responsible leadership’s interest in human development and achieving the elevation and prosperity of the citizen.