The source – Al Jazeera Net:
US senators sent a warning letter to President Donald Trump, highlighting the dangers of secret nuclear and missile programs carried out by Saudi Arabia with the help of China.
The American Wall Street Journal reported that members of the Republican and Democratic parties in the Senate have warned Trump that Saudi Arabia’s secret nuclear and missile programs represent a threat to efforts to limit the spread of these weapons in the region.
The letter referred to reports that Riyadh has made great strides, with Chinese help, to develop the infrastructure for the production of advanced ballistic missiles.
The newspaper quoted Senator Chris Van Hollen as saying that the technologies that Saudi Arabia obtained from China without controls would give it a latent ability to produce materials for nuclear weapons, which would constitute a disaster for the region.
The message came after the same newspaper quoted Western officials two weeks ago as saying that Saudi Arabia had set up a facility to extract what is known as the “yellow uranium cake”, which is used as fuel for nuclear reactors. The New York Times reported on August 6 that the CIA is investigating efforts by Saudi Arabia to enhance its ability to produce nuclear fuel that puts the kingdom on the first path to developing nuclear weapons. The newspaper said that there are concerns on the part of the American administration about the reality of the Saudi nuclear program, and the actual size of activities aimed at developing nuclear weapons, warning that there is cooperation between Riyadh and Beijing in this regard.