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With poignant words and sincere feelings emanating from the heart of a mother who almost lost 6 of her daughters drowning in the sea, Ms. Umm Nouf – in a voice message circulated by Twitter users – sent thanks and gratitude and sincere invitations to a Qatari youth and a number of young people of Arab nationalities, for what they showed from Chivalry in saving her daughters.
Twitter users shared a part of the story of saving the six girls who were drowned in the beach of “Al-Marawna”, saying that a Qatari young man named “Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari” showed great courage and intuitive speed in saving the group as soon as he saw the incident along with other young men on the beach.
Mrs. Umm Nouf said in the audio message that the Qatari, Tunisian, Moroccan and other youth who participated in saving her daughters did not fail, as did the doctor who happened by chance on the beach. She continued: “I ask God to make your rescue for my daughters a balance of your good deeds and give you wellness, and may God reward you with a thousand good.”
Acknowledging the work of the young man, Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari, singers launched a poem by tweeting # The Hero of Elasticity – deservingly issued, a few hours after launching the most widely discussed topics in Qatar, to turn into a live platform to celebrate it and thanked him for his sacrifice, his feet, his good behavior, and his ability, thanks to God, to save the girls.
For his part, the tweeter Hamad Al-Qahtani @ hamdanqtr55500 published the audio message of Mrs. Umm Al-Banat and said: This is a recording from Mrs. Umm Nouf or the girls who have been drowned. She loves to thank all who helped her daughters and rescued them from Qatari youth and the Qatari doctor who was on the beach coincidentally and young people from Morocco and Tunisia and everyone reassures her daughters It’s okay # Qatar # My activity is flexible

The young Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari

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He said in another tweet: Yesterday was a heroic day for some of the young men present, especially a Qatari citizen who saved them all and he himself was tired and tired because of saving someone person! We wish him safety, Lord and whites of God, a worldly face and the end of it.
The journalist Adel Abdullah @adelalhajaji wrote: “It is not the first time and it will not be the last time that the Qatari youth will save the lives of others. History is full of these events and most of them have not been recorded in history. That .. CFO and a million CFO, O Shammari
In turn, the blogger Naif Al-Anzi said @ naif313: What humanitarian work by Abdul Rahman Atiq Al-Shammari before he was heroic will be recorded for this young man in the memory of all the people of Qatar, Abdul Rahman and with him many young people came to the aid of a family that almost turned their joys from death to the great sadness of losing their children without the kindness of God And the fear of Qatar youth and their residents #
The hero of resilience _ deserves . As for the account of the media center for youth affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, he published the image of the young Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari and wrote: The meanings of magnanimity and sacrifice manifested in the Qatari youth Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari, who, with God’s grace, saved a family of 6 individuals from drowning in the waters of the elastic beach north of # Qatar with a similar These people are stepping society towards safety
Account holder Ayed Al-Suwaidi Al-Shammari @ aied_8 said: “May God bless the citizen Abdul Rahman Atiq Al-Shammari for saving him after God to his entire family consisting of 6 people from drowning with all courage in the beach of flexibility. North # Qatar.
Mashaal Al-Fahid also tweeted @aIhajri and said: By the grace of God, the citizen Abdul Rahman Atiq Al-Shammari was saved after God for his entire family consisting of 6 people from drowning with all courage in the beach of flexibility. The flexibility deserves