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The Center for Music Affairs, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, held a special celebration tonight for the “Night of the Qatari Song” in its second edition, under the slogan “My country is confused, Shahdelij”, and it will last for two days at the Qatar National Convention Center stage.

The ceremony was attended by His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, ministry officials, guests of the ceremony, and a gathering of those interested in applying precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus (Covid 19), so that the number of people in each session does not exceed the percentage specified by the Ministry of Health.

The Qatari Song Night, which is held for the second year in a row, aims to support the Qatari song and encourage the pillars of creativity in it by composers, poets, singers and players to present artistic works worthy of its career, in addition to providing the Qatari Music Library with new artistic production, and informing the new generations about Qatari creativity in ancient and modern singing.

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Music bands from Qatar and Turkey participated in the celebration, led by Kuwaiti maestro Dr. Ahmed Hamdan, as well as an elite of Qatari song stars who performed a concert in which they sang the sweetest Qatari melodies derived from the heritage of the ancient Qatari song.

During the first night, the singers presented a group of patriotic, heritage and emotional songs, so Nayef Abdullah presented the song Tarkini from Hassan Al Mohannadi’s poetry and composed by Nahar Abdullah, and the singer Anwar presented the song Sheraf Habibi composed by Khaled Al Kuwari, and Khaled Al-Dilwan presented the Mushaireb song, which is one of his compositions and poems by Mohsen Bin Fattis As for Nasser Al-Kubaisi, he presented two songs, the first of your presence to the poet Ahmed Al-Sanea, composed by Abdul Qadir Al-Hudhoud, and the second Al-Shall from the poems of Faleh Al-Ajlan, and composed by Nasser Saleh, and the singer Ahmed Abdel Rahim presented two songs, the first of Hussein Al-Wasayef, which is one of his melodies and the poems of Salem Al-Mansoori, and the second, O, the intention of my love from the words of the poet Jassim Al-Baker and composed by Fayez Hosni.

While the singer Aseel Hamim went to the audience to the heritage and the song Yama Ali Babi Qamar by the poet Ahmed Saad, and composed by the late musician Abdulaziz Nasser, next to a song, “It was and did not accept,” by the late Qatari poet Sada Al-Haram, composed by Al-Faisal. Al-Hamid, and the song Bayyakum from the words of Abdul Rahman Al-Khalidi and composed by Matar Ali, so that Saad Al-Fahd created two songs: I have a dream from his melodies and poems by Jasim bin Muhammad bin Hammam, and the song of Habibi, not one of the words and composed by Ali Al-Badr, and the audience enjoyed with the star Ali Abdul Sattar in two songs The first is Draik by the poet Faleh Al-Ajlan, composed by Muhammad Al-Marzouqi, and the second is “Allow me, O Moon,” composed by Abdul Sattar and the words of Muhammad Abdullah Al-Marri.

The guest of the concert was the great artist, Lotfi Bouchnak, who sang Arabism in the song “If Dari” is one of his melodies and the poems of Saladin Bouziane. Shackled.

The conclusion of the first night was with the patriotic act / Shahdelej / written by the poet Muhammad Ali Al-Marzouki and composed by Muhammad Abdullah Al-Marzouki and performed by a group of Qatari singers. This lyrical work spoke on behalf of all segments of humanity that gave their bid in several fields in lyrical forms derived from the Qatari musical heritage.

At the end of the ceremony, His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, honored two pioneers of the Qatari song, Hamed Al-Neama, the first Qatari music academic, in appreciation of his long career in serving culture and arts in Qatar, and the artist Mohamed Rashid, in appreciation of his great effort in presenting distinguished Qatari art. And the appreciation certificate was received on his behalf by the artist Ghazi Hussein.

In a touch of loyalty from the organizing committee, the ceremony witnessed the presentation of a short film about the artist Fatima Shaddad, who passed away in recent days in appreciation of her role and distinctive imprint in Qatari folk arts. Ghanem Al-Sulaiti also recorded during his medical trip from Thailand a speech for the ceremony in which he valued the contribution of the Qatari song to enriching conscience. the National .

It is worth noting that tomorrow the second night of the Qatari song night celebration will be held, and the audience will have a date with a number of singers, namely Saud Jassim, Ayel, Khaled Salem, Saad Hamad, Mansour Al-Muhannadi, Saqr Saleh, Ahmed Ali, Aisha Al-Zayani, Fahd Al-Kubaisi, Issa Al Kubaisi, in addition to honoring two other pioneers of the Qatari song.