The United Nations Acting Envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams appreciated yesterday the efforts of Operation Irene in promoting the arms embargo resolution in Libya.
This comes 4 days after the naval forces of “Irene” arrested an Emirati ship carrying jet fuel to support the militia of the coup general, Khalifa Haftar.
Williams welcomed the “recent efforts to implement the arms embargo in Libya,” during her meeting with the commander of the European naval operation “Irene”, Admiral Agostini, according to a tweet posted on the account of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya on “Twitter”.
She also reminded of the obligations of the participants in the Berlin conference to respect the relevant Security Council resolutions and urges them to fulfill their responsibilities, according to the same source.
And on Friday, Operation Irene announced.
The statement stated at the time that “a suspicious ship left the port of Sharjah in the Emirates, heading to the city of Benghazi in Libya (…) and that the ban imposed on the entry of weapons into Libya is the reason for the arrest and inspection of the ship.”
The Emirati ship was arrested in international waters, about 150 km north of the Libyan city of Derna, which was carrying a shipment of aircraft fuel, which was supposed to be intended for military purposes, as this fuel is considered a military material according to the United Nations, according to the same statement.
On August 4, the German frigate “Hamburg”, with about 250 soldiers on board, set off heading to the Mediterranean, to participate in Operation Irene to monitor the arms embargo to Libya as well as prevent the smuggling of oil.
It is expected that “Hamburg” will return to her country on December 20, according to the German government website “DW”.
Benghazi demonstrations
On the other hand, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya expressed its grave concern about the killing of one civilian, the injury of three others, and the arrest of a number of people during the demonstrations that erupted in the city of Al-Marj, eastern Libya, in protest against the poor living conditions, calling for a comprehensive and immediate investigation into These events and to speed up the release of all arbitrary detainees and detainees. The mission stated, in a statement reported by the United Nations News Center, “The use of force was used by the authorities in the east against peaceful demonstrators in the city of Al-Marj, east of Benghazi.”
The mission emphasized that it reminds “all parties in Libya that the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression are fundamental human rights and fall within the scope of Libya’s obligations under international human rights law.” She pointed out that these demonstrations, and those that the country recently witnessed in other parts of Libya, only came “as a result of raging frustrations regarding the persistence of poor living conditions, lack of electricity and water, rampant corruption, mismanagement, and the failure to provide services throughout the country.”
According to the United Nations Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), these demonstrations reaffirm the urgent need to “end the oil shutdown and return to a full and comprehensive political process that meets the aspirations of the Libyan people for a government that represents them and to live in dignity and peace.”