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Jordanians woke up this morning to the most violent crime of assault against a 16-year-old child, the events of which took place on Tuesday evening in the city of Zarqa, east of Amman, where the perpetrators were kidnapped by the perpetrators while he was going out to the market to buy bread, cutting his hands, poking his eyes, and hitting him with a sharp object on the face.

The ugliness of the crime sparked a state of turmoil in the Jordanian street, prompting Jordan’s King Abdullah II to personally follow the details of the security operation that led to the arrest of the perpetrators, stressing that the most severe punishments were taken, and providing the necessary and necessary treatment to the boy.

According to a security source, the boy was kidnapped from those who had criminal precedents while on his way to buy bread for his mother, and he was taken to an empty area east of the city of Zarqa. . According to the island.

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After the perpetrators finished their crime, they left the boy in an empty area, then put his hands in a bag and sent him to his mother.

After a bystander found the boy in a critical condition as a result of bleeding, he was taken to the hospital, and he underwent amputations for the hands from the wrist, and treatment of his eyes as a result of being stabbed, with health care provided, according to a medical source.

Jordanian tweeters on social media released a hashtag entitled: “The execution of the perpetrators of the Zarqa crime,” in which they demanded that the heaviest punishments be imposed on the perpetrators, and after the video was circulated, due to the brutal scenes it contained during the crime against the boy.

A statement by the Public Security Directorate stated that the attack on the boy came against the background of a murder in Zarqa camp, and that he was the son of a murderer in a previous crime.

The statement added that he was transferred to Zarqa Governmental Hospital by the Civil Defense, and that investigations had begun to determine the circumstances of the case, and the perpetrators were arrested.

The boy, the victim, narrated, in a recording of local websites, the details of what happened to him, and said that “about 10 people blocked his way while he was returning from a bakery with bread home in hand, and despite his attempt to escape, they pursued him and kidnapped him.”

He pointed out that the crime was committed against him in a house, with an “hatchet”, and they put his eyes out, then threw him in an empty area. The boy arrived at the hospital in poor condition, but the doctors said that one of his eyes was not damaged, and it was still peaceful, despite trying to damage it.