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In light of the tension that Israel is experiencing with Iran over the background of the murder of the scientist Fakhrizadeh, Hebrew media announced that the hackers “hacked” an Israeli insurance company and seized the clients’ data, while experts suggested that Tehran would stand behind the incident, especially after it accused Tel Aviv of being behind the assassination. Nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

According to a joint statement by the National Cyber ​​Authority and the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority, an investigation has begun into a suspected cyber attack on the Sharbet website and its servers, carried out by hackers, according to the official Kan channel.

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According to the same source, the company’s website fell, and the hackers, along with the customers’ identity cards, published a recording of a customer’s call with the company, and they leaked the details of a senior judge. According to Russian Sputnik.

The “hackers” group, calling itself blackshadow (Black Shadow), claimed the attack on the Israeli insurance company, in a statement it published on its Twitter account.

The pirates said, according to the Israeli channel: “Black Shadow carried out a massive cyber attack on the network structure of Sharbet, which is operating in the field of economy in Israel.”

In its statement, the group published private documents seized from the company during the hacking process, including personal information about clients, including addresses, driver’s licenses and family details.

For its part, the Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” quoted “Omri Segev Moyal,” an expert in the field of electronic warfare at Profero, as saying that Israel has become a preferred target for such attacks. 

The Israeli expert hinted that Tehran was behind this attack, saying: “After the new tensions with Iran, there is a possibility that the Iranians are behind this attack and hide behind this group instead of officially revealing themselves,” according to “Sputnik”.

A study revealed last month that Iranian hackers were behind a “attack” against dozens of companies in Israel, in early November.

At that time, each company was required to pay 7-9 Bitcoins, which is between 375-475,000 shekels (about $ 113.5- $ 144,000).

 The cyber war between Israel and Iran has escalated recently, and last July, the Israeli Water Authority was subjected to a cyber attack without damaging the service, according to what was reported by the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” at the time.

The newspaper pointed out that this attack is the third in 3 months, and the second after another similar attack last April, and the Water Authority accused Iran of being behind it.

Last May, the “Washington Post” newspaper said that Israel is most likely behind a cyber attack that was carried out on the ninth of the same month, which caused great damage to the work of the “Shahid Rajai” port in Bandar Abbas, Iran.