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The countdown to the resumption of competitions for the third season of the Longines Hedhab – Qatar Equestrian Tours started with the tenth round of the major championship, which will resume tomorrow, Friday, in the Equestrian Federation, as part of the plan to gradually lift the restrictions imposed by the Corona virus.


In line with the plan of the Qatar Olympic Committee to continue all sports activities according to the precautionary measures established. The small round competitions will be launched tomorrow at the height of 100 – 115 cm, followed by the sixth and forty-five minutes, the middle round competitions will be individually and teams, which will be held at a height of 120 – 130 cm. The competitions will continue on Saturday through the open round that will be held at the fourth evening on Heights of 115 – 125 cm, followed by the largest major round in the tournament, which takes place in the forty – five and six minutes at altitudes of 130 – 145 cm.

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For his part, Ali bin Youssef Al-Rumaihi, director of the Longines Championship, held this meeting with the team’s work team, in which the mechanism of procedures and controls to be followed in the tournament were discussed, in order to ensure the safety of all the participants in the tournament, including knights and organizers, and the tournament director stressed the need to adhere to not allow the general public to attend, It was also decided that only the riders who will participate in the tournament will be allowed to enter the tournament’s headquarters, and that all riders and the team organizing the tournament undergo a medical examination to ensure that they are free of the Corona virus.