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“It ended Israel’s isolation geographically … by providing shorter and cheaper flights.” With these words, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to convince the Israelis of the usefulness of the agreement he concluded with the UAE and Bahrain ..

But what about the blockade of Qatar and the prohibition of the passage of Qatar Airways in an atmosphere that has become overflowing with El Al planes? !!.

One of the paradoxes of the Gulf crisis is that it opens up to Israel an atmosphere that was closed until recently, and closes to Qatar an atmosphere through which Qatari planes were crossing safe by virtue of brotherhood, interdependence and Gulf cooperation.

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“Hours and a lot of money, of course.” Netanyahu says: The recent agreements ended Israel’s geographical isolation, and referred to charts of flight corridors in his talk about the change in the map of the Middle East, pointing out that traveling over the UAE and Bahrain airspace saves travelers heading to India and other Asian destinations Time and money.

“The agreements provided shorter and cheaper flights … We are changing the map of the Middle East,” Netanyahu added, pointing to a whiteboard with graphs of flight paths.

So has the Middle East changed, according to what the occupation prime minister says, to the point where the Arab street man witnesses the planes of El Al passing through his airspace and the watchtowers ringing the phrases “Shalom” while Qatar is absent from this atmosphere because of Doha’s adherence to its sovereignty and its decision? !!

As the El Al planes crossed safe in the skies of the Emirates and Bahrain, Qatar Airways was threatened just by thinking of crossing this airspace after channels from Abu Dhabi broadcast explicit threats to Qatar Airways crossing its airspace after the blockade imposed on the Arab and Gulf neighbor Qatar on June 5, 2017.

At the beginning of the blockade, one of the channels broadcasting from the UAE had broadcast a scene showing a simulation of a fighter plane launching a missile at a Qatar Airways plane, in a clear terrorist scene in line with what was revealed later on the blockade countries ’plan to invade Qatar.

It does not reflect the scenes of the UAE and Bahrain escaping the confrontation before international courts and the International Aviation Organization (IATA) in confronting the Qataris and the people of the world and trying to persuade them with flimsy justifications to close the airspace in front of Qatar, with the flexibility and rush shown by Abu Dhabi and Manama to accelerate the opening of the skies, control towers and airports. Air cargo platforms in front of El Al planes, the Israelis and their goods.

A paradox reflected in the political and moral collapse of entities that are supposed to be united by brotherhood, cooperation, and the unity of blood and destiny, such as the Gulf Cooperation Council … to choose Abu Dhabi and Manama to fall into the arms of Israel and hostile to the Qataris with a strange free !!

Netanyahu described the normalization agreements as “good for security, heart and pocket” .. If the Israelis in the UAE and Bahrain have all this love to provide their money and security … then why hate and abuse others? !!!