Mobile ATMs ‘to benefit migrant workers’

Ahlibank is looking towards investing in mobile ATMs, says deputy CEO for retail banking Andrew McKechnie.

Ahlibank is planning to deploy mobile ATM machines in labour camps and locations where many migrant workers congregate as part of its efforts to support Qatar’s new Wage Protection System (WPS).
Ahlibank deputy CEO for retail banking Andrew McKechnie told Gulf Times on Thursday the bank is looking towards investing in mobile ATMs for migrant workers. The machines, he said, would be available by the first quarter of 2016 as a complementary service and part of the bank’s “natural expansion” of its ATM network.

Once implemented, Ahilbank would publish the routes at the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) on a weekly basis, McKechnie said. “For the schedule of the routes, we’ll try to coincide it with payday as much as possible. That’s another way of expanding our ATM availability to migrant workers and our customers, in general,” he said.

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Officials from the Ministry of Labour and Social Services have announced that the state will enforce the WPS on November 3. The new salary payment scheme requires companies to transfer salaries electronically to employees’ bank accounts.

Some workers have observed that the WPS could lead to a shortage of ATMs as the new payment scheme will increase the number of ATM card holders.

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Source News: Gulf Times