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A number of officials described the business events sector as one of the vital and dynamic sectors that contribute directly to enhancing the success of the tourism strategy, and play a direct role in attracting international exhibitions and conferences to Qatar, in addition to supporting the efforts of business leaders and highlighting their technical and professional capabilities and capabilities in holding commercial events and events. , Stressing that the business events sector began to regain its activity with the gradual lifting of the restrictions that were imposed to confront the Coronavirus, and it will witness steady growth in the coming years and achieve distinct gains through its attraction of major international commercial companies. Officials emphasized the sector’s ability to attract more than 5%.

Service facilities are ready to host various events

, Mr. Jaber Al-Mansouri, CEO of Al-Maraya Exhibitions Company, said, “The business events sector is one of the sectors that contribute to attracting visitors to Doha, which is positively reflected in all international service facilities, including hotels of various classifications, markets, transportation, airport, etc. Stressing that the State of Qatar has a global reputation for its qualitative capabilities in hosting important events and exhibitions thanks to its well-established infrastructure and its unique and varied components, whether to host exhibitions and commercial, tourist or entertainment events, indicating that business events whose rates are expected to grow significantly in the coming years will contribute A direct contribution to the increase in the number of visitors to the country, and also to the increase and growth of the volume of work, stressing that the number of exhibitions and business events will grow next year

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And he said: “Efforts to enhance the march of the business events sector are continuing, as a number of exhibitions and events will be launched on the 29th of this month, in addition to a trade fair in November and another exhibition in December, and large numbers of local exhibitors and prominent local commercial companies will participate in these exhibitions, indicating that The National Tourism Council has spared no effort to attract more international events and equip all exhibitions and marketing services for them in other global promotional forums by meeting with the elite of global decision-makers concerned with the industry of international exhibitions and international companies specialized in organizing international forums and exhibitions to introduce them to the ability and capabilities of the State of Qatar in the distinctive Hosting major international exhibitions, noting in this context that the State of Qatar has become known internationally for the quality of its tourism sector components and unmatched services, expressing his thanks to the National Tourism Council for its active and main role in attracting business events and promoting innovations and innovations of pioneersBusiness and support them in all fields, stressing that the National Tourism Council plays an active role in developing the business sector, supporting conferences and exhibitions and promoting them in all global markets and in international marketing forums and exhibitions by introducing the international companies organizing exhibitions strongly and firmly to the local infrastructure and their ability to host international exhibitions and events. Global business and achieving success and excellence in all fields

Exhibition activity will increase during the next year

Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Emadi, CEO of the Qatar National Convention Center, said, “Business events hosted by the state contribute to achieving the goals of the next phase of the national strategy for the tourism sector, as well as its great and effective role in supporting the data of the economy. Business is an influential and active sector, and today after another attract large numbers of exhibitors, whether from the local market or the global market, explaining that the exhibitions of all kinds enhance the business process of entrepreneurs and support their efforts in the field of creating events and business, stressing that the movement of exhibitions will increase in the coming years, especially during The last half of 2021.

Al-Emadi said, “Business events are a major and original part of the national strategy for the tourism sector. The National Tourism Council has succeeded in marketing business events and introducing the distinguished services provided by the local infrastructure, which is known for its superior ability to host major events and trade fairs. The efforts of the National Tourism Council in cooperation with His partners in the public and private sectors in attracting many international events that attracted large numbers of visitors coming to Qatar, which made Doha the ideal destination for hosting international exhibitions.
Al-Emadi said: “The Qatar National Convention Center is an active axis of the work axes of exhibitions of various types and types, as it provides quality services in hosting international exhibitions and conferences. It will also provide full support and symbolic prices in hosting business events and trade fairs, especially the activities of entrepreneurs through coordination with the Chamber.” Qatar and said: “Hosting international exhibitions allows highlighting Qatar’s distinguished facilities, tourism and logistical capabilities, and also contributes to strengthening Qatar’s position as a distinguished destination for business tourism in the region and the world, stressing that attracting exhibitions serves all relevant institutions, especially the hotel sector that achieves great gains by hosting Visitors who follow the events of the exhibitions.

Al-Bunni: The
success of the Doha Trade Fair confirms the readiness of the sector

Mr. Ammar Al-Bunni, General Manager of the Sicily Company for Organizing Exhibitions and Conferences said, “The business events sector is an active, influential and major supporter of the economy, and the National Tourism Council plays a distinguished role in activating laws and legislation that support this dynamic sector, explaining that the first step in the exhibition march after a six-month interruption is an exhibition.” Doha Trade, whose activities were launched in cooperation between the “Sicily” company and the “Qatari shoppers”, indicating that this cooperation and coordination between the two companies is a positive merger between the exhibition companies that gives additional strength and momentum to the local market, which was positively reflected on the results and gains achieved by the exhibition on Ground.

Al-Bunni referred to the great support provided by the National Tourism Council for the success of the Doha Trade Fair, which was also joined by the efforts of partners from the public and private sectors, and said: “The exhibition industry and business events are a strong supporter of the economic data. And innovation in business, indicating that exhibitions of all kinds help local companies to display and market their products in the Qatari market, which enhances their earnings and sales and sheds light on the enormous facilities and capabilities of the State of Qatar, which contributed to increasing the number of business events organized and licensed by the National Tourism Council. .

Al-Bunni stressed that the business events sector occupies a distinguished position in the national strategy for tourism, and therefore the National Tourism Council pays great attention as it is an effective platform to review the enormous capabilities and capabilities and the qualitative craftsmanship enjoyed by the State of Qatar in hosting major exhibitions and international commercial, entertainment and tourism events, indicating that the firmness of the structure The local infrastructure for organizing exhibitions contributed to attracting many international exhibitions and events that attracted large numbers of visitors, expressing his thanks to the National Tourism Council and its active partners in the local market for marketing them to the State of Qatar as a global and distinguished destination in organizing and hosting international events and exhibitions.