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A number of female officials in the travel sector have expressed their pride in the participation of Qatar Airways in supporting the breast cancer awareness month by allocating a non-commercial plane flown by a number of women, in addition to the efforts of the watch tower by a Qatari girl working as an air traffic controller to complete the flight team consisting of women only. This flight, which took off on board the Dreamliner 878 from Hamad International Airport, was called the Pink Flight in support of efforts to combat breast cancer and call for early detection and strengthening efforts, research and global medical studies, indicating that Qatar Airways is always working to promote initiatives that create a healthy society Salim establishes the march of sustainable development, describing Qatar Airways’s celebration this year of Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a qualitative and distinguished celebration that included a number of lectures, awareness workshops and gifts decorated in pink, as well as the distribution of pink bags on board flights to raise awareness of breast cancer and mechanismsFight it and eliminate it.

His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways Group, said: “Qatar Airways is a strong supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all the strenuous efforts in research and development to combat this disease. Together, we hope to reach as many community members as possible and help in Saving lives. “


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Salam Al Shawa: The Qatari woman is always proactive in supporting social initiatives

Salam Al Shawa, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Media at Qatar Airways said, “The aim of Qatar Airways operating a 787 Dreamliner with a fully-fledged female crew is to support women who are facing breast cancer. breast cancer.

Noting in this context that Qatar Airways is always proactive in supporting social initiatives and enhancing them with integrated educational opportunities through the creation of modern and modern methods, and Salam Al Shawa expressed her thanks and appreciation to His Excellency Mr. Achieving sustainable development in all fields, stressing that Qatar Airways will spare no effort and spare no energy in order to provide great support and quality assistance to women in combating breast cancer and early detection, explaining that Qatar Airways issued on this occasion bags of personal necessities for travelers and a specially designed menu In pink, stressing that the airline will continue its commitment to raising awareness of breast cancer by launching a series of initiatives that reflect its distinguished role in social responsibility, noting that Qatar Airways, which is expanding its network of operations at an accelerated paceIn order to achieve the global demand for travel through a modern fleet consisting of the latest aircraft, it is working steadily to encourage women to join the ranks of the aviation industry, especially within the diverse Qatar Airways system that provides an exemplary product that has become an example to be emulated and set as an example in quality and excellence, which made the carrier Under it, it receives a series of awards and honors from international institutions and bodies concerned with evaluating the components of the aviation industry.

“Qatar Airways is committed to supporting efforts to raise awareness of the importance of combating breast cancer, as our main focus is on raising the awareness of tens of thousands of employees, travelers and society in general on this issue, which confirms our efforts towards it,” Salam Al Shawa said.



Nabila Fakhry: Healthy societies promote sustainable development programs

Mrs. Nabila Fakhry, Senior Vice President for Qatarization and Special Projects at Qatar Airways said: “Qatar Airways is proud to support women around the world to confront breast cancer, and through its awareness initiatives, it calls for early detection of this disease, indicating that the allocation of a non-commercial plane Boeing Dreamlaner 878, led by women purely, is an effort that the carrier has been doing on an annual basis to support the campaign to educate women around the world about early detection of breast cancer and the definition of international medical efforts to eliminate it, indicating that awareness of the disease is the first steps to combat and eliminate it.

Nabila Fakhry said, “Qatar Airways, Hamad International Airport and Qatar Cancer Society have organized a number of awareness workshops, as well as organizing a series of events and lectures to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Month under the title Pink Think in addition to distributing valuable gifts in pink.”

Nabila Fakhry said, “Qatar Airways supports efforts to create an international community free of diseases that enhance its capabilities and capabilities. Sustainable development plans and programs, indicating that Qatar Airways, which is at the forefront of the aviation industry, encourages women to join the components of the aviation industry, including airlines.” Qatar Airways, which provides great support to female members, expresses its thanks to His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al-Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways Group, for his great support for all the qualitative and distinguished initiatives organized by the airline, noting that Qatar Airways is one of the strongest supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, expressing hope that a message will reach Breast cancer awareness carrier to the largest possible number of people around the world.

“Qatar Airways affirmed its commitment to supporting awareness of fighting breast cancer this year by allocating a set of awareness-raising initiatives and encouraging everyone to take all precautionary measures to lead a happy life. We call on all women to keep early detection and examination of breast cancer as one of their most important priorities,” said Nabila Fakhry. .


Al Jusaiman: Qatar Airways is consolidating advanced concepts for the travel industry

Mrs. Fatima Al-Jusaiman, Director General of Downtown Travel, described the Qatar Airways initiative to allocate non-commercial aircraft piloted by a number of women to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection as a good and positive initiative, stressing that Qatar Airways is always proactive in establishing advanced concepts through which it supports social initiatives that aim She pointed out that the female component of Qatar Airways is an important and effective support factor in enhancing the airline’s operational journey, whether in aeronautics, pilots or other carrier companies, according to her to promote efforts aimed at creating healthy societies that have the initiative to devote sustainable development plans and programs.

Fatima Al-Jusaiman said, “Qatar Airways has spared no effort to support and provide all means of awareness-raising to reduce breast cancer, and the carrier stresses the importance of early detection in addition to supporting global medical efforts and research related to this disease, means of combating it and means of prevention, indicating that the celebration of Qatar Airways It included the launch of a number of awareness sessions and workshops as well, in addition to the distribution of pink gifts, whether on the ground or on board flights in various Qatar Airways aircraft

Al-Jusaiman said, “Qatar Airways’ support for social responsibility and its standing by the humanitarian initiatives made it gain the confidence and credibility of travelers at the local and global levels, which made the carrier expand its network of operations at unprecedented rates of growth through a fleet consisting of a large number of modern aircraft,” noting that Qatar Airways is always working to motivate women to join the various components of the aviation industry, especially with Qatar Airways, which is at the forefront of global airlines, noting that Qatar Airways offers components of a product that is characterized by quality, luxury and luxury, which made it occupies the fore position on the map of the global aviation industry and wins a large number of awards For its unmatched services.