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Trend Micro, one of the most prominent global companies working in the field of cloud security solutions, announced the launch of the Intrusion Protection Systems solution, which aims to protect industrial environments. This solution was designed in a way that enables industrial establishments operating in the State of Qatar to protect their vast industrial networks from Potential digital threats, reducing operating and capital expenditures. The system also responds to the requirements of Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to build a diversified economic system that depends in part on local industries, and builds innovative smart city systems that include complex industrial networks around them.

The value of the digital security market for the Internet of Things in the Middle East and Africa is expected to reach $ 3.2 billion by 2025, quadrupling growth from 2015, according to figures from Mordor Intelligence.
On this occasion, Asaad Orabi, Regional Director of Trend Micro in the Gulf, said that the State of Qatar occupies a prominent position in the field of innovation in smart industries and smart cities, stressing that it needs to secure Internet of Things networks from digital attacks. He added, “We developed the solution.” Edge EdgeIPS Pro to become the ideal solution to protect smart industries in Qatar and enables smart city leaders and smart factories to enhance levels of protection from cloud environments, in order to control and organize network segmentation.

Developed by TXOne Networks, the EdgeIPS Pro solution is designed to meet the needs of global smart factories in sectors such as the automotive and semiconductor industries, whether centrally managed or highly automated, multi-product factories. The innovative security protection solution forms part of Trend Micro’s comprehensive security package for smart factories, covering every level of the work environment; From end-to-end cloud perimeter environments, to enterprise IT, manufacturing processes, and supervisory control.

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For his part, Akihiko Umikawa, Executive Vice President for Internet of Things Security at Trend Micro, Chairman of TX-One Networks, said that the combination of information technology and operational technologies “is critical for enterprises and businesses,” in light of what he considered “a scene. Digitally ever-changing. ” He added, “The addition of EdgeIPS Pro to Trend Micro’s comprehensive security package for smart factories is a significant achievement in protecting large industrial networks in factories. We believe that the ease of implementation of the solution that is perfectly suited to the IT environment allows facilities to continue operating their operations as usual while avoiding dangerous threats.” .

EdgeIPS Pro is an intelligent array of targeted intrusion protection systems created using TXOne Deep Packet Inspection (TXODPI ™) technology. This solution enables network segmentation by means of firewall capabilities and networked protocol filters, with deeper and broader support for industrial network protocols.

Implementation of the solution does not require changing the existing network configuration settings, which reduces initial implementation costs. The solution also enables efficient centralized management of wide industrial networks with support for either 48 or 96-port Gen3 hardware processors, and an easy-to-use rack mount.

In turn, Dr. Terence Liu, General Manager of TX One Networks, emphasized that the lack of network segmentation aimed at stopping the spread of malware “is a common problem at the control network level and a difficult challenge for industrial control and control systems environments because it requires deeper and broader support for industrial network protocols.” . “EdgeIPS Pro allows network administrators to organize the segmentation of the network according to business intentions,” he said.