President Donald Trump’s administration continued to refuse to begin the ceremony of transferring power to Joe Biden, who was declared the winner of the election by the major media outlets. 

According to CNN, the US State Department prevented many foreign personalities from sending letters of congratulations to the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

State Department officials familiar with the messages said a batch of letters from foreign leaders to Joe Biden were still lying in the State Department after incumbent President Donald Trump’s administration denied access to them.

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Not only did the State Department prevent Biden from receiving letters and assistance and from providing logistical services to receive contact, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday refused to acknowledge the Democratic candidate’s victory, saying there would be a smooth transition to the Trump administration again, which sparked a lot of controversies. .

In addition, Biden and his senior advisers have not yet received the Daily Presidential Brief, which is a top-secret intelligence briefing on pressing national security issues.

It is common for elected presidents to begin receiving these reports before they assume the presidency so that they are sufficiently prepared to take up their presidential duties on their first day. 
Oklahoma, Republican Senator James Lankford, said he would intervene if the current administration did not allow elected Joe Biden to have access to the daily presidential intelligence reports by the end of the week.

Lankford explained, in a press statement: “This must happen … regardless of the election result, no matter which way you are going, everyone must be prepared.”

The office of the Director of National Intelligence had previously stated that the Democratic candidate’s failure to obtain these briefs was due to the fact that the General Services Department did not officially announce that any of the candidates won, which means that Biden’s transition team does not receive the same notes that the presidents receive. The Elect “usually.

The General Services Administration is an independent federal agency responsible for logistical and administrative matters related to the transfer of power between superiors, and the agency has previously stated that it will not begin these procedures until the election results are decided. 

In contrast, the Biden campaign stated that receiving the daily reports “would be useful, but not necessary.”