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In what appears to be a clear change in the position of US President Donald Trump regarding his non-acceptance of the election results in the event of his loss, he expressed a new position during a recent interview with him.

 Trump said; He will accept a peaceful transfer of power in the country, should he lose the presidential elections scheduled for November 3.

However, he stipulated that these elections be “fair”.

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It was clear in an interview, Thursday evening, with the local TV station NBC, from Miami, Florida, that he continues to cast doubts about the results, accusing the administration of former President Barack Obama of “spying on his election campaign.” 

Trump said: “Yes, I will accept a peaceful transfer of power, but I want it to be fair elections and so does everyone want .. When I see thousands of ballot papers lying in the trash and they happen to bear my name, I am not happy about that.”

He continued: “I want (the elections) to be clean, and I really feel that we will win, but I want that to be clean .. a peaceful transition of course I want that, but in principle I do not want a transition because I want to win.”

Trump sparked controversy last month by refusing to pledge to peacefully transfer power, in case he loses in the next presidential election to Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The Republican and Democratic candidates were supposed to face Thursday night in their second debate, but it was canceled after Trump refused to participate in it following the organizers ’decision to turn it into a virtual debate due to his infection with Corona.

Rather than debate face-to-face or on a screen, the two candidates chose to answer voters’ questions live on the air, but each is on a different television station.

The third presidential debate is scheduled for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Opinion polls show Biden is 10 points ahead of Trump nationally, but he has a slight lead in some major states, according to the polls.