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US President Donald Trump’s plane nearly collided with a small unmanned plane (drones) as it approached an airport near Washington on Sunday night, according to a number of people on board Air Force One, Bloomberg reported.

The US agency quoted sources as saying that the body of the drones appeared on the right side of the Air Force One and was seen by many of its passengers, and that was shortly before its landing.

The agency reported that the Secret Service did not respond to a request to confirm the reports.

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According to the agency, the North American Air Defense Command referred questions about the incident to the Secret Service, which did not respond to requests from the media to confirm the details of the incident, and the Federal Aviation Administration referred requests for questions related to the matter to the US Air Force.

Most civilian drones weigh a few pounds and may not shoot down a jet plane, but government research indicates that the damage may be greater than the damage done by a similar-sized bird, which can smash a cockpit windshield or damage the engine.

Under US federal regulations, drones are restricted to flying within sight of the operator and not exceeding 400 feet (122 meters) above the ground without any exceptions, knowing that the most common models of these aircraft are equipped with programs specifically designed to prevent long-range flights.