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The Turkish government called on the International Police Agency “Interpol” to include the Palestinian Muhammad Dahlan, who works as an advisor to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, on the red list, against the backdrop of Ankara accusing him of practicing espionage activities in Turkish territory.

The official Turkish News Agency said, on Friday, that the Turkish Prosecutor submitted, on Thursday, a request to Interpol to arrest Dahlan.

The agency quoted the public prosecutor as saying that “Dahlan was placed on the Red List of the most wanted people (in Turkey), and a financial reward of 10 million Turkish liras (about a million and a half dollars) was allocated to those who were arrested.”

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Ankara accuses the Palestinian, separated from the “Fatah” movement, of spying on it and being involved in the failed coup attempt that took place in July 2016.

The witness, nicknamed “Poyraz”, said that two Emirati spies, Samir Samih Shaban and Zakif Yusef Hassan, sought to obtain information about Palestinians and Egyptians residing in Turkey, based on Dahlan’s orders, according to a statement by the public prosecutor.

Last year, the Turkish government announced the detection of an Emirati spy network that it said was operating across the country under direct orders from Dahlan.

Earlier, the Turkish Interior Ministry issued a statement saying that it had requested the arrest of Dahlan on charges of participating in the failed coup by providing support to the “Fetullah Gulen” organization, which Ankara classifies as a terrorist organization and accuses it of being behind the coup attempt.
The Turkish Ministry of Interior categorizes those it considers terrorists into lists of five colors: red, blue, green, orange and gray.

Dahlan, a resident of Abu Dhabi, was dismissed from the Palestinian Fatah movement in 2011, after his trial on criminal and other charges related to embezzlement of $ 17 million while he was in the movement.

Dahlan’s name is associated with the leaders of the counter-revolutions in the Arab countries, and he is accused of supporting the overthrow of the late Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, as well as providing financial and military support to the retired Libyan Major General Khalifa Haftar and Saif al-Islam (Muammar Gaddafi’s son) accused of committing crimes against humanity.

Reports indicate that Dahlan played a major role in reaching the recent normalization agreement between the UAE and “Israel”, as he is one of the very close associates of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.