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In response to the repeated French abuses, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay condemned, on Wednesday, what he described as “the immoral publication of the failed French breach,” referring to “Charlie Hebdo” magazine, which published an offensive cartoon to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “.

Oktay wrote, commenting on a tweet posted by the spokesman for the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, via Twitter: “I strongly curse this publication related to the president of our republic, which was published by the failed French rag.”

The Turkish vice president called on world public opinion “the owner of morals and conscience” to raise his voice against this “shame and disgrace,” as he put it.

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Earlier, Qalan expressed his strong condemnation of the French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” to publish a satirical article about “Erdogan”, tweeting: “We strongly condemn the publication related to the president of our republic, which intends to publish a French magazine that does not respect any beliefs, sacred things or Valuable”. According to Anatolia.

He added, “These matters only show their vulgarity and immorality. Violating people’s rights is not an object of ridicule or freedom of expression, and the main goal of this type of publication that lacks literature and morals is to sow seeds of hatred and enmity.”

And the Turkish presidency spokesman added, “Converting freedom of expression into hostility to religion and belief can only be the product of a sick mentality,” calling “everyone who has a common sense to condemn and reject this hateful publication.”

The cartoons insulting to the Turkish president came after he called on his citizens, last Monday, to refrain from buying French goods and urged the leaders of the European Union countries to put an end to the “anti-Islam” agenda of French President “Emmanuel Macron”, as he described him as having lost his senses and must undergo tests of his mental abilities.

Erdogan said, in statements he made in a speech at the beginning of a week of events in Turkey to commemorate the birth of the Prophet: “European leaders who have foresight and morals must break the walls of fear.” “They have to put an end to the anti-Islam agenda and the hate campaign led by Macron,” he continued.

Erdogan’s statements came as an expression of anger in the Islamic world over the offensive cartoons published in France of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

And last week, the French President, “Emmanuel Macron”, made statements offensive to Islam, pledging not to abandon the cartoons offensive to the Prophet “Muhammad”, may God bless him and grant him peace.