The leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran asserted yesterday that the conflict in Syria will not be resolved except through a political process led by the Syrians with the facilitation of the United Nations. Through video conferencing technology, the closing statement clarified that the summit stressed the necessity of facilitating the safe and voluntary return of Syrian refugees and displaced persons and protecting their rights. Iranian Hassan Rouhani. During the summit, the leaders reaffirmed their determination to enhance joint economic cooperation by strengthening coordination in various fields.

For his part, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan affirmed that his country’s priority in Syria is to preserve its political unity and the sovereignty of its lands and establish calm in preparation for a permanent solution to the conflict in it. His Russian counterparts include Vladimir Putin and the Iranian Hassan Rouhani. Erdogan said: “Our priority in Syria is to preserve its political unity, territorial integrity and calm, in preparation for a lasting solution to the conflict in it.” He added that Ankara would continue to make efforts to bring security, stability and prosperity to Syria.


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He pointed out that the Astana talks, which began in November 2017, contributed greatly to the establishment of peace, security and stability in Syria. Its efforts to ensure the return of security, peace and stability in the neighboring country, Syria, as soon as possible. On the Coruna virus, Erdogan expressed regret over the loss of life in Iran and Russia, extending his condolences and the condolences of the Turkish people to the Russian and Iranian presidents. He added that Turkey stood by friendly and brotherly countries in fighting the virus, pointing to sending medical aid to 137 countries.

For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin informed his Turkish and Iranian counterparts that a peaceful dialogue is needed between the warring parties in Syria. He also informed Russian President Erdogan and Rouhani that hotbeds of terrorism are still present in Idlib and other parts of Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the new US sanctions against Syria, which he said were aimed at “strangling” this country torn by armed conflict since 2011. Putin declared ” The new sanctions that were imposed are undoubtedly aimed at stifling Syria economically. “

The Russian President praised the improvement of the conditions in the de-escalation areas in the Idlib region, northwestern Syria, following the ceasefire agreement concluded between Ankara and Moscow in March. He added that the guarantors of the Astana route (Turkey, Russia and Iran) had achieved great successes in the Syrian file. : “The level of violence in the region has decreased, and is gradually returning to normalcy.


He pointed out that Russia continues to work with “Turkish friends” to achieve the goals of the cease-fire agreement in Idlib, concluded between Moscow and Ankara in September 2017, and the protocol completed in March.

For his part, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani considered during the virtual summit that “there is no military solution” in Syria. Rouhani said that “the Islamic Republic considers that the only solution to the Syrian crisis is political and that there will be no military solution.” “We continue to support dialogue between the Syrian parties and confirm our determination to combat ISIS, al Qaeda and other groups linked to them,” he added. “I stress that the fight against terrorism will continue until it is completely eradicated in Syria and the region in general,” said the Iranian president, who broadcast live state television.