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The spokesman for the Turkish “Justice and Development” Party, Omar Celik, confirmed Ankara’s rejection of the threats related to its activities in the eastern Mediterranean.
Celik said, in a tweet on Twitter, today, accompanied by the tag (President Arouj), that “all threats directed against Turkey do not matter,” stressing that his country is determined to protect its rights and interests at the dialogue table and on the ground.
He added, “Turkey is not looking for its security and prosperity in the weakness of its neighbors and the spread of chaos in them. Rather, it pursues policies based on the principle of mutual profit,” stressing that “Ankara is determined to protect all its rights on land, sea and air, while it is ready to continue discussions with the parties wishing to do so.” .
The statements of the spokesman for the “Justice and Development” Party come on the heels of the departure of the exploration ship / the captain Aruj / the port of Antalya, this morning, to start its duties in the eastern Mediterranean between 12 and 22 October.
On October 1, the Turkish Defense Ministry announced that two Turkish and Greek military delegations had reached a common understanding on “general principles” regarding their differences in the eastern Mediterranean during meetings at the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Before that, the alliance stated that Ankara and Athens had agreed on Establishing a mechanism on methods of resolving the dispute between them regarding the same file