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Alexander Ceferin, President of the European Football Association (UEFA), praised Qatar’s preparations for organizing the 2022 FIFA World Cup, on the sidelines of his visit to Doha to attend the final of His Highness the Emir’s Football Cup, which will be held tomorrow at Al Rayyan World Cup stadium.

During a press conference held today at the Four Seasons Hotel, in the presence of local media, Ceferin expressed his admiration and admiration for the development he had observed at the level of facilities in Doha, and the intensive preparations to host the FIFA World Cup after two years, saying, This is amazing … I look forward to attending this global event. “

Regarding Al-Rayyan World Cup stadium, the fourth World Cup stadium is ready, the President of the UEFA said that he will visit it tomorrow while attending the final of His Highness the Emir Cup, considering that the best way to discover this global facility is to watch tomorrow’s match in it.

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On the participation of the Qatari national team in the European qualifiers for the World Cup, Ceferin stressed that it is a great idea, as it was discussed in the European Union, “and UEFA’s reaction was positive towards it, and its Executive Committee supported this participation by one hundred percent,” adding, “It is a good opportunity for the Qatari team.” To compete with the best European teams, especially as he will compete with the teams of a difficult group. “

“It is a message to the world that the ball is one … it is a global product, especially since the European championship is watched by 70 percent of spectators from outside Europe … and this participation will be a strong experience for the Qatari team, and a message that sport means friendship and does not mean conflict or war,” he said.

Commenting on the attempt to introduce politics into sport, the President of UEFA considered that football fans are a reflection of societies, adding, “I am sure that 99 percent of the masses are good and not fanatical, but there is a small percentage trying to impose their ideologies and we seek to resist them, and we must educate the children.” Combating racism and discrimination, whether on the basis of gender, religion or cultures … this will help us a lot and we are supporting it. “

Regarding the possibility of the Qatari team participating at the club level in the European Champions League, the President of the UEFA said, “We have not discussed this yet … The Champions League is the largest competition at the club level in the world, and the team must be competitive to participate in Such a tournament. “

Regarding the establishment of the European Nations League Championship for the second consecutive season and the fatigue it may cause to the players, Mr. Ceferin explained that “the matter may be stressful due to the congestion of the tournament calendar, and we are trying to reduce that, especially since there is no other time space to play more tournaments continually.”

And on the possibility of holding the final rounds of the European Champions League in a period of 30 days after it was held last season within 10 days only, the President of the European Union Football Association said, “I do not rule out that because this is an important tournament.”

Regarding the amount of material losses at the level of sport in Europe due to the Corona pandemic, Ceferin said that “we must wait until the pandemic ends … and I think that the losses are estimated in the billions, and it was a big blow to European football, but from another point of view, we will be among the first to return to the normal situation.” We are in a good condition and we have important financial reserves, and we hope that this matter will not continue for several years .. I believe that 2021 will not be a bad year like 2020, and we look forward to this matter being over by next year. “