Syed Mohammed:

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Upstream has classified gas projects in Qatar among the major major projects in the world now, at a time when the Corona pandemic has hit projects that were ready to be launched during the next stage. Russia, Mozambique and Australia have maintained the growth and continuity of their main projects in the energy industry, and according to the report, the expansion in the North Field is a key to Qatar’s huge ambitions in the field of LNG, adding that despite some reviews that have occurred, the mega project Which is managed by Qatar Petroleum, did not show any signs of curtailing or modifying implementation plans, and the report adds that in return, developers of LNG projects in the United States backtracked on their previous plans. Novatek continues to advance the Arctic LNG 2 project in Russia, and all eyes are on new LNG supplies in Australia during 2021. While ambiguity surrounds the future of LNG projects estimated at about 30 million tons annually in other countries. Meanwhile, Canada’s LNG market is optimistic as the cleaner energy of the future. The LNG expansion in Papua New Guinea has been suspended as the Sunrise project in East Timor struggles to see a light at the end of the tunnel.