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Nakilat Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd. announced that the company’s shares have joined the Morgan Stanley Capital International Emerging Markets Index – Qatar, which includes the largest Qatari companies in terms of market value, capital and profit returns as of the market closing date on November 30, this follows the semi-annual review that Conducted by Morgan Stanley Capital International and its subsequent announcement on November 10, the re-annexation of Nakilat’s shares by Morgan Stanley Capital International to its emerging markets index is a testament to the reliable position the company enjoys with global investment institutions and an enhancement to the outlook of current international investors and a catalyst for investment institutions around the world. To invest in the company with confidence and with a positive outlook. As Nakilat always seeks to devote its efforts to take advantage of the global investment market to achieve increased growth rates in the long term, leading to maximizing profit returns for all shareholders in the company.

On the occasion of Nakilat’s accession to the Morgan Stanley Index, Eng. Abdullah bin Fadala Al-Sulaiti, CEO of Nakilat, said: “We consider the re-joining of Nakilat shares to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index – Qatar as an important and strategic step in the company’s path despite This achievement is also the result of the company’s sustainable and balanced strategy on the level of outstanding operational performance, credibility and reliability, and seizing profitable business opportunities to achieve long-term returns – with limited risks – to the shareholders of the company. We are proud of the position the company has reached today through this announcement. This confirms the extent of independent international institutions ’appreciation of Nakilat’s performance in terms of financial management, trading volume and liquidity, and reflects the strong investor confidence and positive outlook towards the company, and strengthens the company’s position on the global investment map.