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The Qatar Football Association specified the steps for purchasing tickets for the Emir’s Cup, through a video broadcast on its official Twitter account.

According to the video, there are 3 steps to purchasing a ticket:
1- Buying the voucher:
The electronic voucher is purchased on the website, where the choice is made between vouchers for Al Sadd fans, Al Arabi fans and neutral audiences, provided that the e-voucher is not considered a ticket and the coupon must be replaced with a ticket the match .
2- Going to the ticket centers (16-17 December)
As for the second step, one is to go to one of the ticket centers at the Qatar National Convention Center (which is the main examination center), Al Sadd Club, or the Arab Club to conduct a Covid 19 examination.
The working hours of the examination centers are from 5 pm Until midnight on December 16, and from 7 a.m. to midnight on December 17
3- Get a ticket
if the result of the Covid-19 test is negative, you can get the ticket from the same place, 
recover from Corona 
In the event that the fan was infected and recovered from Corona, he must go to his health center and conduct an antibody test, and after the result, go to a ticket center to buy a ticket.

On the day of the match, be sure to bring the ticket, ID card and text message confirming the above-mentioned examination from the Ministry of Health.

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