Qatar Meteorological Department’s satellite imagery has forced the department to issue an advisory as images show a thick band of dust moving from the Northern Gulf towards Qatar, the band is being pushed towards Qatar by the North-Westerly winds.

The Met. Department took to social media to inform residents about the development.

The Department via its official Twitter handle said:

qatar airways

“Latest observations show dust has reached Bahrain. It’s expected to reach northern #Qatar next hour causing visibility to drop below 3km.”

As a result of the dust band, the visibility in the country is expected to be severely affected and as such motorists have been advised to drive cautiously and way below the speed limits to avoid the occurrence of any untoward incident.

Conditions during the day are also expected to remain slightly dusty, the weather report added.

People were caught off-guard yesterday when rains lashed the country, the rains were so intense that the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) was forced to mobilise rain emergency teams to drain out more than 105.8mn gallons of rainwater from different parts of the country.

Emergency teams from the MME used 45 pumps, 349 tankers and 542 workers and employees to remove the water in as many as 21911 batches.

Ghuwairiyah area in the North of the country received maximum rain at 33.8mm, followed by the Qatar University area at 26.2mm, Hamad International Airport area at 20.6mm and Abu Hamour at 19.9mm.